Meaning of recombinant in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈkɒmbɪnənt/


  • Relating to or denoting an organism, cell, or genetic material formed by recombination.

    ‘the DNA of these recombinant viruses revealed no signs of instability’
    • ‘Backcross males having recombinant X chromosomes were genotyped and scored for fertility.’
    • ‘DNAs were isolated from individuals that were homozygous for recombinant haplotypes.’
    • ‘The proportion of recombinant plasmids in each sample was then estimated by comparing the two numbers.’
    • ‘Our ability to detect doubly recombinant chromosomes depends on the genotype of the homolog after fertilization.’
    • ‘Overall, we observed 116 recombinant chromosomes in these experiments.’
    • ‘Homozygous phenotypes of the recombinant lines were analyzed.’
    • ‘This scheme allowed unequivocal identification of four out of six possible recombinant phenotypes.’


  • A recombinant organism, cell, or piece of genetic material.

    ‘These basidiospores are recombinants containing genetic material from both mating partners.’
    • ‘First, we scanned each individual chromosome for double recombinants.’
    • ‘All genotypes were checked for Mendelian inheritance and double recombinants.’
    • ‘Because this region contains no essential genes, haploid recombinants containing this deletion are viable.’
    • ‘They concluded that either double crossovers do not occur or recombinants are selected against.’
    • ‘Previously identified recombinants within a single gene were omitted and only one strain was included from groups of linked infections.’
    • ‘Among these gametes, some will be exact copies of the parental haplotypes while others are recombinants.’
    • ‘Fluorescent genes from jellyfish have also been added to organisms in this manner to show which are successful recombinants.’