Meaning of recommender in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrɛkəˈmɛndə/


See recommend

‘‘I don't have a biosafety report for my lab, nor do I have three recommenders,’ he complained in an e-mail dated February 29, 2004, to a friend in the human genetics department.’
  • ‘Of course, I'm also indebted to him as he was one of my law school recommenders, but I can speak for many Harvard grads when saying that he was universally well liked in addition to receiving universal respect.’
  • ‘He also has some interesting ideas about what book-club recommenders can teach arts programming professionals.’
  • ‘For that reason, the tacit knowledge approach that drives a book recommender is quite similar to the mechanisms used by advanced corporate intranets with sophisticated knowledge management systems.’
  • ‘He became such an ardent and productive recommender of the website to his clients that Gray started paying him a commission and eventually hired him.’