Meaning of record-keeping in English:



mass noun
  • The activity or occupation of keeping records or accounts.

    ‘the exact numbers will never be known due to poor record-keeping’
    • ‘They believed in the importance of information, statistics, and systematic record-keeping.’
    • ‘Last fall, the United Kingdom experienced its worst flooding since record-keeping began 273 years ago.’
    • ‘Dora was the only hurricane to directly hit the area since record-keeping began in 1871.’
    • ‘We utilize simple but critical record-keeping to determine what crops give us the biggest and fastest return.’
    • ‘He referred to a report which raised questions about record-keeping and the preservation of medical records by health authorities.’
    • ‘Reaping the benefits of this strategy starts with good record-keeping and clear communication with your plan administrator.’
    • ‘They would cut costs by promoting electronic record-keeping instead of paperwork.’
    • ‘Some of the cases have highlighted the midwife's meticulous record-keeping of the situation.’
    • ‘The report criticised poor record-keeping and a lack of monitoring of contracts which had hindered investigations into fraud.’
    • ‘The report said that poor record-keeping and other questionable accounting practices were serving, in some cases, to mask the extent of the government's financial distress.’