Meaning of recrystallize in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈkrɪst(ə)lʌɪz/


(also British recrystallise)
  • Form or cause to form crystals again.

    no object ‘the molten silica could recrystallize into cristobalite’
    • ‘recrystallize the precipitate’
    • ‘recrystallized carbonate rocks’
    • ‘The heat and/or pressure experienced during metamorphism causes the calcium carbonate to recrystallize into a tightly interlocking mass of calcite crystals.’
    • ‘Fat crystals with high melting points ‘dissolve’ in this liquid fat and are taken along to the surface where they can recrystallise as spiky crystals.’
    • ‘Normally in a chemistry laboratory, filtration is generally used to separate solid impurities from a liquid or a solution or to collect a solid substance from the liquid or solution from which it was precipitated or recrystallized.’
    • ‘When ice recrystallizes, water molecules migrate from smaller crystals to larger ones, thus increasing both crystal size and the probability of injury to the tissues.’
    • ‘By this I mean that it might never have actually crystallized from a molten magma but rather recrystallized from some other rock form through a diffusion process.’
    • ‘As shown in thin sections, all of the crystals have been completely recrystallized and grown, giving a coarser texture.’
    • ‘Alpine-cleft deposits develop in an existing open gash in which hydrothermal fluid infiltrates and recrystallizes the surrounding rock.’
    • ‘Ergosterol and cholesterol were twice recrystallized from ethanol.’
    • ‘If the metal is held at the recrystallisation temperature after it has completely recrystallised, diffusion of atoms still occurs and some grains grow at the expense of others.’
    • ‘Rock salt mined in Cheshire was sent to the coast to be heated and dissolved in brine and then recrystallized.’
    • ‘Where the limestone has been cut by Late Tertiary veins, it has been recrystallized and slightly mineralized but contains no commercial ore deposits.’
    • ‘There is much chlorite growth, but quartz is only very poorly recrystallized.’
    • ‘Most of the xenoliths from the southern plug cluster show the development of small clinopyroxene crystals, and one xenolith contains small quantities of finely recrystallized olivine.’
    • ‘Inherited oil-bearing fluid inclusions identified in those samples are hosted in a well-cemented and partially recrystallized, rounded pebble of sandstone.’
    • ‘Evidence comes from numerous quartz-filled fractures that crosscut the mylonitic foliation but recrystallized during deformation.’
    • ‘The youngest core analysis is of identical age to the interpreted magmatic age and may have recrystallized in the magma.’
    • ‘Garnet is typically recrystallized and is wrapped around by biotite.’
    • ‘The foraminifera analysed in this study are generally well preserved and not recrystallized.’
    • ‘Most commercial marble formed more than 230 million years ago, when heat and pressure within Earth's crust rearranged the molecules in limestone, forcing it to recrystallize.’
    • ‘The corals are inseparable from the matrix of the rocks and generally badly weathered on the exposed surfaces and recrystallized internally.’
    • ‘Also, the grains are smaller and more uniform in size when severely deformed metal is recrystallized.’