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  • 1mass noun The undesirable effect in flash photography of people appearing to have red eyes, caused by a reflection from the retina when the flashgun is too near the camera lens.

    ‘a pre-flash emission to minimize red-eye’
    • ‘Techniques are given such as boosting reds and yellows to produce an effect like a warming filter on a camera or removing red-eye found in flash photos.’
    • ‘The effect is accentuated by the fact that everyone, including myself, is suffering from red-eye due to the camera flash.’
    • ‘Throw this technique into your bag of GIMP tricks, and you'll never again have to worry about red-eye ruining your candid flash photos.’
    • ‘Now, one click of the Red Eye removal tool can remove pet-eye and red-eye from your photographs, in less time than it takes your subject to say ‘cheese!’’
    • ‘The built-in flash on the previous model had a tendency to produce red-eye, so this time round you get a pop-up flash.’
    • ‘It is a specialist in removing the annoying red-eye that can be found on many photographs.’
    • ‘For example, while previous versions of Paint Shop Pro included a fix for red-eye in snapshots, the latest version simplifies the process.’
    • ‘Most of them will let you do simple editing, such as zooming and cropping to center the subject, or removing red-eye and adjusting the contrast.’
    • ‘Some have ‘pre-flash’ to try and help stop this, but if you like to shoot portraits and you don't want your subjects showing red-eye, the definitive answer is really an SLR with its own tele lenses.’
    • ‘It is amusing to note, however, that the doggie equivalent of red-eye in photos is an unsettling neon green, which my small photo-editing skills don't extend to erasing.’
    • ‘The printer will also remove red-eye.’
    • ‘Rotating, removing red-eye and simple cropping are well catered for, as are overall changes to a photo such as brightening an image or applying effects.’
    • ‘It also allows direct PC-less printing and has a preview screen with software which allows you to remove red-eye.’
    • ‘The interface can be tweaked to show only the most used tools, such as cropping or fixing red-eye, or it can be expanded to give access to advanced features, such as masking and special effects.’
    • ‘I could improve the resolution and remove red-eye.’
    • ‘Want to remove red-eye from a vacation picture?’
    • ‘You can quickly and easily crop your picture, correct brightness and contrast levels, even get rid of red-eye.’
    • ‘You can lighten, automatically adjust contrast and brightness, fix red-eye or straighten an image.’
  • 2

    (also red-eye flight)
    mainly North American informal A flight on which a passenger cannot expect to get much sleep on account of the time of departure or arrival.

    • ‘she caught the red-eye back to New York’
    • ‘I then spent six hours in the airport, took a red-eye flight back to Logan International, and crashed into bed at 7: 30 the next morning.’
    • ‘She's catching a red-eye flight to Canada where she's making a movie with Alan Alda.’
    • ‘I took a red-eye flight, did it for free, never thought twice.’
    • ‘Though he looks a bit ruffled - who wouldn't after a red-eye flight?’
    • ‘Cole decides to follow Frank and books a red-eye flight to Twin Creeks as well.’
    • ‘I flew London Heathrow to Capetown on South African Airways 747 red-eye flight, eleven hours overnight, non-stop.’
    • ‘The east-bound flight is a red-eye leaving Sacramento at 11: 55 p.m.’
    • ‘I'm back from Alaska after a miserable red-eye with no sleep.’
    • ‘We took a red-eye, and the airport and airplane were pretty much deserted.’
    • ‘He had postponed his sales trip by one day to spend time with his sons and planned, after a day's work, to catch the red-eye home that night.’
    • ‘The flight to East Africa was a red-eye, but it was daytime on my body clock, and I was fatigued from several days of traveling alone.’
    • ‘You can save even more if you're willing to take a red-eye or very early morning flight, or one with a stop or two.’
    • ‘It was a hopper plane, the red-eye across the state so there were only eight people total, including pilot and assistant.’
    • ‘He took a red-eye out of L.A. and went on a riverboat tour down the Mississippi.’
    • ‘She felt still and calm for the first time in days as she realized that she'd managed to sleep for the entire duration of the red-eye.’
    • ‘The cheapest flight from Dublin is a red-eye at 6.50 am.’
    • ‘I took a red-eye to Detroit to meet him for breakfast.’
    • ‘And he was planning on going out in the morning, and flying back on the red-eye.’
    • ‘They've since pledged to limit the length of their trips, even if it means taking a red-eye to get home.’
    • ‘Some people can hop off the red-eye at 6am and whizz straight to their desks.’
  • 3A freshwater fish with red eyes, in particular a rudd or a rock bass.

  • 4US informal mass noun Cheap whisky.

    • ‘Straight whiskey these days, though, is no shot of red-eye in a dirty glass.’
    • ‘Whiskey is no longer just the drink of cigar-smoking older men in suits or a shot of red-eye in a dirty glass down at the local saloon.’
    1. 4.1Canadian A drink made from tomato juice and beer.