Meaning of red squirrel in English:

red squirrel

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  • A small tree squirrel with a reddish coat.

    a Eurasian squirrel with distinctive ear tufts during the winter months and (in Britain) a whitish tail (Sciurus vulgaris, family Sciuridae).
    a North American squirrel with a pale belly and a black line along the sides during the summer (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus, family Sciuridae).

    ‘Deer mice and red squirrels were photographed at plots of each nest-stratum treatment.’
    • ‘The cats can and do eat red squirrels, ground squirrels, and grouse, but an abundance of hares is lynx heaven.’
    • ‘Mostly it consists of sandy woodland and pristine marshes, full of red squirrels and sika deer.’
    • ‘They are also prime real estate for red squirrels, bushy-tailed wood rats, northern goshawks, great gray owls, and long-eared owls.’
    • ‘It is a haven for bird life and other wildlife - roe deer and red squirrels can often be spotted from the house.’
    • ‘There are lots of birds, chipmunks, red squirrels, snakes and there was even a tree frog at our site.’
    • ‘The story had been that these big, bulky gray squirrels simply bullied the red squirrels.’
    • ‘A mixture of alder, cherry, oak and other native species has attracted red squirrels as well as roe deer, hares and kingfishers.’
    • ‘Foxes, red squirrels, badgers, hares, otters, Scottish wild cats, seals and bottle-nose dolphins can be seen if you have the dedication to find them.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, their advance has caused the decline of Britain's native red squirrels, all but eliminating them in the south of England.’
    • ‘Canadian red squirrels are reproducing earlier in the year.’
    • ‘As for squirrels, we have red squirrels round here, which are an endangered species.’
    • ‘I do catch glimpses of red squirrels and deer, however, but I fare much better with the flora.’
    • ‘If red squirrels are to survive in the Lake District, grey squirrel control will have to continue forever.’
    • ‘Someone told me there that all your native red squirrels had almost gone, replaced by more aggressive grey squirrels.’
    • ‘There, the red squirrels faced pressures from their larger cousins - introduced American grey squirrels - and their numbers dwindled.’
    • ‘A majority of the squirrels that were brought to the Taos were Eurasian red squirrels.’
    • ‘However, there are also still huge problems ahead, such as the fate of the red squirrel and Scottish wildcat.’
    • ‘The red squirrel is a noisy and common woodlot resident in Nova Scotia.’
    • ‘Although we applaud the current conservation efforts to build refuges for the red squirrels, we think these may not be enough.’