Meaning of rede in English:


Pronunciation /riːd/

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mass nounarchaic
  • Advice or counsel given by one person to another.

    ‘what is your rede?’
    • ‘Or the Wiccan rede, ‘And ye do no harm, do what thou will.’’
    • ‘The law of threefold return was introduced in the Wiccan rede, developed ostensibly by Gardner and Valiente IIRC, and likely ghostwritten by Crowley.’
    • ‘I know that a lot of Neo-Pagans abide by some kind of creed or rede.’
    • ‘I take the rede to mean that you shouldn't harm any living thing.’
    • ‘Remember that the rede does not just mean physical harm but all kinds of harm, be it physical, mental, emotional or other.’


[with object]archaic
  • 1Advise (someone)

    with object and infinitive ‘therefore, my son, I rede thee stay at home’
    • ‘For Wiccans and many, though not all, Neo-Pagans, the single, moral tagline usually redes (pun intended) ‘Do as ye will, an it harm none.’’
  • 2Interpret (a riddle or dream)

    • ‘the secret of Man's being is still a riddle that he cannot rede’


Old English rǣd, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch raad, German Rat. The verb is a variant of read, of the same origin.