Meaning of redeemable in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈdiːməb(ə)l/

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  • 1Able to be recovered or saved from faults or bad aspects.

    ‘socially redeemable ideas’
    • ‘they were misguided but ultimately redeemable’
    • ‘It is the one redeemable band from the crop of Eighties Synth duos.’
    • ‘There was absolutely nothing redeemable in the final third of this movie.’
    • ‘His one redeemable virtue, however, is a deep, abiding love of cinema.’
    • ‘That the musician manages one grace note makes the piece almost redeemable.’
    • ‘I know this film is not without its flaws, yet it is redeemable.’
    • ‘The movie is only redeemable for an interesting (if inconsistent) performance by its lead actor.’
    • ‘Now, I know it's just a character, but I could not find anything redeemable in him as a human being.’
    • ‘She plays a woman with few redeemable characteristics.’
    • ‘The game has few redeemable features outside its strong multiplayer presence.’
    • ‘Why is it believed that the violent are identically redeemable?’
  • 2(of a coupon, voucher, etc.) able to be exchanged for goods, a discount, or money.

    ‘the prize is not redeemable for cash’
    • ‘redeemable coupons’
    • ‘The town has used "Deli Dollars" redeemable in food.’
    • ‘Special codes found on the bottles can be entered into the site for points redeemable for merchandise.’
    • ‘The company awards panelists 10 points for each completed survey, which are redeemable for merchandise.’
    • ‘Users garner reward points - which are redeemable for cash - by viewing ads.’
    • ‘The reward is points, which are redeemable for cash, electronics, even charitable contributions.’
    • ‘In-store promotions will include instant redeemable coupons good for $1 off on hosiery, tights or socks.’
    • ‘Tickets are redeemable at a number of cinemas across the capital.’
    • ‘One gallery I know gave a $10 "check" to its customers which was redeemable at a non-competitive business in the area.’
    • ‘Retailers' cards are redeemable only in the stores that issue them.’
    • ‘The gold standard was restored in 1879, with all national bank notes being redeemable in gold on demand.’
    1. 2.1Finance (of a stock, bond, etc.) able to be repaid at the maturity date.
      ‘redeemable preference shares’
      • ‘Money market instruments may only be redeemable at the precise date at which the fixed term ends.’
      • ‘Assets included in MZM (money at zero maturity) are redeemable at par on demand.’
      • ‘The board decided that the adverse effects on the company's reserves required an issue of redeemable preference shares.’
      • ‘The company also had 3.3 million convertible redeemable shares and 100 redeemable preference shares.’
      • ‘Each unit in the offering consists of 1.5 shares of common stock and 1.5 shares of redeemable public warrants.’
      • ‘One important thing to remember is that the products should not be redeemable (or callable) by the issuer.’
      • ‘The bonds bore six percent interest and were payable in 20 years, but redeemable after five.’
      • ‘The offer put to the board last Thursday was 1.32 in cash, or 1.255 in cash plus a warrant redeemable in three years for 0.12 per share.’
      • ‘Between 1685 and 1763, the French colonial government issued playing cards that were redeemable for specie at a future date.’
      • ‘Just like a mutual fund, it issues redeemable units to investors and must follow guidelines set out by the SEC.’