Meaning of redeployment in English:


Pronunciation /riːdɪˈplɔɪm(ə)nt/

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mass noun
  • The assignment of troops, employees, or resources to a new place or task.

    ‘the cuts have led to redeployment of staff’
    • ‘a call for troop redeployments’
    • ‘Define the options available for affected employees: reskilling, redeployment, termination or outplacement.’
    • ‘Companies that have a lasting commitment to their people will generally spend time arranging redeployment of their affected employees.’
    • ‘It was their fourth troop redeployment in less than three years.’
    • ‘Service aircraft are used for both the deployment and redeployment.’
    • ‘The company wants to shed 1,140 jobs through redundancies and redeployment.’
    • ‘Labor legislation in Latin America does not facilitate the rapid redeployment of workers across companies and sectors.’
    • ‘I have proposed a responsible, phased redeployment of our troops from Iraq.’
    • ‘The defense secretary and the president decide deployment and redeployment of combat forces, not the military.’
    • ‘The first of three redeployments was initially scheduled to begin in October 1996.’
    • ‘"The university will make every effort to secure any necessary reductions in staffing through voluntary means and redeployments," the university said.’