Meaning of redeposit in English:


Pronunciation /ˌriːdɪˈpɒzɪt/


[with object]
  • Deposit (something) again.

    ‘material from the upper layers is redeposited lower down as a solid iron pan’
    • ‘At this margin, the southeasterly storm winds had a ‘shaving’ effect on the outer platform, removing significant amounts of sediments and redepositing them on the upper and middle slope.’
    • ‘If you then redeposit the bulk of the loan with the bank, you pay interest only on the amount you actually borrow.’
    • ‘When water flows, it carries the dissolved constituents in solution and redeposits them elsewhere.’
    • ‘After this section is compacted, work crews will redeposit the top 10 metres of cleaned-up soil and rocks and compact it yet again with conventional highway compacting equipment.’
    • ‘To widen the valleys, however, it is necessary to invoke sediment transport processes that can remove the material from the valley floors, to redeposit it in adjacent lowlands.’
    • ‘Then the lipid was redeposited at the water/air interface, and the number of molecules were recounted.’
    • ‘Two years ago, Italy offered a tax amnesty to all those who pulled their money out of Switzerland and redeposited it at home.’
    • ‘After the nitrogen is dispensed, the operator would then disconnect the supply line from the aircraft and redeposit the hose on the reel.’
    • ‘Creationists say that the Flood scraped away these deposits, before redepositing the other sedimentary lawyers.’
    • ‘Eluvium is the geological term for detritus from weathering rock (soil, dust and rock particles are broken down and redeposited by the wind).’
    • ‘Variable preservation suggests that some of the pollen may have been redeposited, possibly by water percolating through layers during summer melting.’
    • ‘As will be mentioned below, specimens found along the west side of the Sacramento Valley of northern California were usually redeposited in submarine slumps, but these are the exception.’
    • ‘‘Our working hypothesis is that volcanically erupted rock was broken down into particles that were then transported and redeposited by wind or by liquid water,’ Christensen said.’
    • ‘Therefore, the fat is redeposited in the region.’
    • ‘Resigned to displacing sand that will only be redeposited the following morning, the man struggles to find some meaning in his torturous existence.’
    • ‘You have to help by increasing physical activity or decreasing caloric intake so the fat isn't redeposited.’
    • ‘The phosphatized sediment crust was then broken into small fragments by heavy current activity and then redeposited and mixed in with adjacent lime muds.’
    • ‘The officer handed Aidan her three bills, which she quickly redeposited in her purse.’
    • ‘The redeposit of such cash in the banking system would bring about an immediate runaway inflation and a massive flight from the dollar.’
    • ‘The same memory may be withdrawn and redeposited many times in the same day.’