Meaning of redistrict in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈdɪstrɪkt/


[with object]US
  • Divide or organize (an area) into new political or school districts.

    ‘he made no secret about his intent to redistrict the state to the advantage of his party’
    • ‘he asked the state Supreme Court to determine whether the Legislature has constitutional authority to redistrict now’
    • ‘Without her legal baggage, she would have been a formidable contender for the seat, which had been redistricted in the early 1990s.’
    • ‘The corn laws were repealed, the rotten boroughs were redistricted and the Whigs (soon to be renamed the Liberals) became credible contenders for power.’
    • ‘The area, which was redistricted after the 2000 census, covers parts of seven counties in the southern metro area.’
    • ‘We're in the midst of redistricting the state.’
    • ‘Governor Rick Perry has ordered a special legislative session on June 30 to take up redistricting.’
    • ‘The state constitution permits redistricting only once every 10 years, not at the whim of the party in power.’
    • ‘We're supposed to, by Constitution, apportion or redistrict every 10 years.’
    • ‘The party that holds the state governorship and the state legislature is well placed to redistrict to its own advantage.’
    • ‘Voters in California and Ohio will cast ballots tomorrow on election reform initiatives that would change the way their states redistrict.’
    • ‘The Constitution requires states to redistrict once a decade, but it doesn't forbid them from doing it more often.’
    • ‘When you redistrict the state of Texas, and it doesn't quite turn out the way you want it to and comes right back within months, that's the substitution of power for democracy.’
    • ‘"Having failed to redistrict when it should have, the General Assembly has lost its chance to redistrict until after the 2010 federal census," the court declared.’
    • ‘You roll this out and set up a bunch of governors around the country and help control how areas are redistricted.’
    • ‘The Dillon school system has been redistricted, and he's been transferred to coach at the reopened East Dillon High, across town and a world away.’
    • ‘In 45 states, redistricting is done by the state legislature.’
    • ‘Election officials had to contend with redistricting at the same time that they were implementing new technology.’