Meaning of redouble in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈdʌb(ə)l/

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  • 1Make or become much greater, more intense, or more numerous.

    with object ‘we will redouble our efforts to reform agricultural policy’
    • ‘pressure to solve the problem has redoubled’
    • ‘Charles attempted to exploit the rift between army and Parliament and redoubled his efforts to persuade the Scots to assist him.’
    • ‘In Beijing Duan redoubled his efforts to strengthen his position.’
    • ‘At the same time, Europe and America must redouble their efforts to strengthen the imperfect but necessary system of international governance.’
    • ‘The man stumbled back, then redoubled his efforts, swinging with increasing speed and strength.’
    • ‘We will, of course, be redoubling our efforts in the year ahead - there is still plenty of room for further improvement.’
    • ‘We will be redoubling our efforts on schools that have causes for concern with the aim of having no failing schools in Manchester.’
    • ‘We will be redoubling our efforts to make sure it stays that way.’
    • ‘Councillors hope that redoubling their efforts will allow officers to devise a ‘more proactive’ strategy.’
    • ‘He stressed the importance of redoubling their efforts this year to ensure the needs of the club and the community will be met.’
    • ‘In the coming year we will be redoubling our efforts and in particularly we will be working with those schools that need extra help.’
    • ‘For this reason alone we should be redoubling efforts to clean up our air.’
    • ‘Under their instruction, he redoubled his efforts.’
    • ‘If anything, this act of violence has redoubled our efforts to make this community stronger.’
    • ‘Instead they redoubled their efforts, and with two goals inside three minutes, they turned on its head an encounter that appeared to be slipping away from them.’
    • ‘Not downhearted, the Cumbrians redoubled their efforts.’
    • ‘Had they known, they would, I am sure, have redoubled their efforts.’
    • ‘It's not all over yet - we'll just redouble our efforts to catch them.’
    • ‘Well planned and organized coordination doubles and redoubles the combat capability of a combat force package.’
    • ‘But far from being examined - let alone disavowed - the policies behind these developments are being redoubled.’
    • ‘City opponents have redoubled their assaults, sensing that a Tory victory is not impossible.’
    1. 1.1Bridge no object Double a bid already doubled by an opponent.
      ‘by redoubling you are asking your partner to bid something’
      • ‘The games can be doubled and redoubled as in bridge.’


  • A call that doubles a bid already doubled by an opponent.

    ‘this is a textbook position in which to use the SOS redouble’
    • ‘The players now bid as in Contract Bridge (doubles and redoubles are allowed), until one player passes.’
    • ‘If someone then bids higher, any previous doubles and redoubles are cancelled.’


Late Middle English from French redoubler, from re- ‘again’ + doubler ‘to double’. The noun dates from the early 20th century.