Meaning of redshirt in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛdʃəːt/


  • 1US informal A college athlete who is withdrawn from university sporting events for a year to develop their skills and extend their period of playing eligibility by a further year at this level of competition.

    • ‘a redshirt freshman who had never started a college game and wasn't expecting to start in one this year’
    • ‘He missed a game due to a hamstring injury as a redshirt freshman, another game as a sophomore with a sprained ankle, and two more games as a junior when he broke his arm.’
    • ‘When I was a redshirt freshman, we played Georgetown in the NCAA Tournament.’
    • ‘It's kind of like a redshirt year in college simply because you're not doing what the other guys are doing.’
    • ‘Instead, it ended up being like a redshirt year in college for him, as he went to meetings every day but never graced the field on game days.’
    • ‘At one point, the unit featured three sophomores and four redshirt freshmen as starters.’
    • ‘And Florida's just as fortunate Gaffney, a redshirt freshman, never gave up on playing for the Gators.’
    • ‘Gary Godsey, a redshirt freshman better suited to play tight end, stepped in and delivered a win over Purdue.’
    • ‘Coaches rave about McRath, a redshirt freshman who lacks size but is fast and has battled back from a shoulder injury.’
    • ‘As a redshirt freshman last year, Lorenzen was listed at 275 pounds but played closer to the 300-pound range.’
    • ‘Luckily, my brother, Walter, is a redshirt freshman running back at Illinois; having him down there made it a lot easier for my mom.’
    • ‘Insiders think Hall, a redshirt freshman, could be a future star.’
    • ‘As a redshirt freshman in 2000, he made 25 catches, the second most on the team.’
    • ‘Jason Johnson will be back for his senior year, and Nic Costa will be a redshirt freshman.’
    • ‘Otherwise, we were going to play a redshirt and five freshmen.’
    • ‘A starter since his redshirt freshman season, McNeil will be entering the 2003 season with 34 starts to his credit.’
    • ‘As a redshirt freshman last season, Stubblefield led Purdue with 64 catches.’
    • ‘He started racking up stats in limited time during his redshirt freshman season.’
    • ‘But don't count redshirt freshmen Brodie Croyle, one of the program's biggest recruiting catches in recent years, and Spencer Pennington out of the battle.’
    • ‘The others are redshirt freshman Jeff Krohn, a former walk-on who shone in the spring, and sophomore Matt Cooper.’
    • ‘Another is redshirt freshman TB Manuel White, a burly sort who tortured the varsity while on the scout team last season.’


    From the red shirts worn by such athletes in practices with regular team members.

  • 2

    (also Redshirt)
    historical A supporter of Garibaldi, in particular one of the thousand who sailed with him in 1860 to conquer Sicily.


    Apparently after Italian camicia rossa ‘red shirt’, in the same sense.


[with object]
  • 1US informal (of a coach) keep (a college athlete) out of university competition for a year in order to develop the athlete's skills and extend their period of playing eligibility.

    • ‘he came to Ohio State as a defensive lineman and was redshirted in 2010’
    • ‘The coaching staff might consider redshirting him.’
    • ‘Coach Rick Barnes initially considered redshirting Taylor but changed his mind when he saw Taylor's offensive ability and when guard Kenton Paulino was injured in preseason practice.’
    • ‘And if we can't get the complete guy, we get a guy who's missing something and we try to fill in his blanks by redshirting him, or plenty of individual instruction.’
    • ‘Hill could sense he was losing Carr, yet the coach was convinced redshirting Carr would be the best for the program while also guaranteeing Carr two full years of starting.’
    • ‘‘Not every player is inclined to be redshirted,’ Parnell laughs.’
    • ‘Moore was redshirted in 1996 and backed up Engelberger in '97.’
    • ‘‘He can't take the same leadership role with the young kids because we redshirted him,’ Olson says.’
    • ‘Berlin also could be redshirted, although that is less likely, considering the instability the Gators have had at quarterback the past few years.’
    • ‘He was redshirted after suffering a sprained neck in 2000.’
    • ‘Guard Greg Ransom was redshirted to focus on academics.’
    • ‘He still wasn't a top recruit, but the Miami coaches liked his upside and signed him, then redshirted him in 1999.’
    • ‘Ellis could be redshirted, but there's no guarantee he would be healthier in 2003.’
    • ‘Any decision to redshirt me likely won't be made until midseason.’
    • ‘He was so good in spring practice, coaches were second-guessing a decision to redshirt him in 2000.’
    • ‘The staff, which is excited about Baker's ability, wanted to redshirt him because of depth at the position.’
    • ‘The coaches chose to redshirt Allen simply because Thompson is better.’
    • ‘He was redshirted in 1999, and when the 2000 season began, he weighed 270.’
    • ‘I was redshirted the first semester, and that was fine.’
    • ‘Last year the school had to redshirt its divers when the diving coach quit mid-season.’
    • ‘When North Carolina redshirted him his first season and wasn't sure yet about where to play him, the school simply listed his position as ‘athlete.’’
    1. 1.1no object (of a college athlete) stay out of university competition for a year to develop one’s skills and extend one’s period of playing eligibility.
      ‘he redshirted last season’
      • ‘Several swimmers are redshirting or changing their training to prepare for the US.’
      • ‘Finally, he sat out three games his senior season thinking he'd redshirt, only to be asked to play when the starters were hurt.’
      • ‘After redshirting in 1998, he used the next three seasons to learn his new position.’
      • ‘He redshirted as a freshman and played sparingly last season.’
      • ‘She was able to redshirt, thus she did not lose a year of playing.’
      • ‘After redshirting in 1998, Kennedy became a starter midway through the '99 season.’
      • ‘I sometimes think it might have been better if I had redshirted, but I've also learned a lot from it.’
      • ‘He redshirted in 2001 due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament and then returned to the lineup the following two seasons at left tackle.’
      • ‘He had a bad reaction to his original medication last year, lost 15 pounds and finally redshirted.’
      • ‘‘Experience tells me about 85 percent will redshirt,’ Koetter says.’
      • ‘But Florida would like Berlin to redshirt in 2002, which would clear the path for him to be the starter in 2004.’
      • ‘No matter how long he's out, Hall won't redshirt.’
      • ‘‘I am going to redshirt my first year of Volleyball so I can get adjusted to playing both sports at that level,’ explains Wiggins.’
      • ‘His speed and athleticism were apparent when he redshirted last year.’
      • ‘Johnson will redshirt next year while he plays basketball, but Gordon and Harris should contribute right away.’
      • ‘He redshirted his first year, didn't throw a pass in his second year and now has a chance to become the most celebrated player in the history of the game.’
      • ‘Carl, who redshirted last year, is super quick and has great upper-body strength.’
      • ‘White redshirted last year because of injury while Connecticut won the NCAA title.’
      • ‘Since I had to redshirt my sophomore year, Wells devoted a lot of his time into helping me through the transition to shooting guard.’
      • ‘Parry, who wants to play on kickoffs, could redshirt this year and have two years of eligibility left.’
  • 2US informal Delay the start of formal schooling for (a child) by one year, typically so as to avoid a situation in which the child is among the youngest in their class.

    • ‘here are some things to think about before deciding whether or not to redshirt your kindergartener’
    • ‘The decision to redshirt your child is an individual one based upon many factors.’
    • ‘Do what's right for your child, even if that means redshirting them.’
    • ‘Parents sometimes ask us whether redshirting their child will make him more likely to be accepted into gifted and talented programs.’
    • ‘I know parents who considered redshirting their twin girls and decided against it.’
    • ‘I didn't want to redshirt our October baby.’
    • ‘His parents redshirted him to give him time to mature.’
    • ‘If you're going to redshirt your child, how do you plan to use the additional year to prepare him for kindergarten the following school year?’
    • ‘Thank goodness they redshirted him or he wouldn't be in my son's class. ’
    • ‘Thirty of these families had chosen to redshirt their daughters back in kindergarten.’
    • ‘Your experiences as a parent who made the decision to redshirt your child is of great value to other parents struggling to decide for their own child.’