Meaning of reductivism in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈdʌktɪvɪz(ə)m/


another term for minimalism
‘For those who accept Greenberg's formulation, it is possible to regard modernism as having come to an end in the extreme reductivism of Minimal art.’
  • ‘She was an artist ahead of her time, a modernist who used minimalism and anticipated the reductivism of the 1970s.’
  • ‘But for all her reductivism, Thomas was a champion of sensory perception.’
  • ‘But art is far too elusive for this reductivism.’
  • ‘Noting that the pieces are the very essence of reductivism, he concludes approvingly, ‘It would be hard to do less.’’
another term for reductionism
‘The Sixties colluded with the crudest Freudian reductivism - or reduction of Freud - in insisting that what we really want can be cashed out in biological terms.’
  • ‘The temptation of epigrammatical reductivism as a means of describing this ‘careless’ loss of yet another judge is only worth resisting if, unlike Wilde, one can resist anything including temptation.’