Meaning of reduplication in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˌdjuːplɪˈkeɪʃn/

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‘Whether full or partial, reduplication can serve to intensify an adjective, place a verb into the future or the past, pluralize a noun or scatter its distribution, render an action continuous, or simply imply repetition.’
  • ‘Now, there are some interesting restrictions on English reduplication, but the plain fact of it is incontestable (at least in every North American dialect I've ever come across).’
  • ‘Elsewhere, Kothari instructs the spectator to ‘look for the symmetrical reduplication and repetitive parallelism of dance patterns’.’
  • ‘A second case of grammatical negative transfer is the use of reduplication when using nouns, which is a common practice in Chinese, but indicates redundancy in English.’
  • ‘I've never heard of it - the ‘razzle’ in razzle-dazzle is just a variant reduplication of dazzle.’