Meaning of reef-building in English:



See reef-builder

‘I've been looking at how seawater warming events have influenced the types of algal symbionts that are found inside reef-building corals.’
  • ‘The Barrier Reef is a mix of two island forms: continental islands and the true coral islands that grow from the reef-building activities of corals.’
  • ‘This ecosystem is a diverse habitat for marine creatures, with around 600 types of reef-building corals and more than 2,000 kinds of coral reefs.’
  • ‘Unless there is a significant recovery of reef-building corals, the erosion of exposed coral skeletons by sea urchins, fish, sponges and polychaetes will accelerate, and may result in a physical break-down of the reef structure.’
  • ‘In this paper, we examine a sustained, long-term population decline in three species of reef-building corals that vary substantially in life histories and rates of recruitment.’