Meaning of reeler in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriːlə/


See reel

‘As reelers, the boys dip their hands into scalding water and palpate the silk cocoons, sensing by touch whether the fine silk threads have loosened enough to be unwound.’
  • ‘The Newcastle firm is a global supplier of large winches, umbilical reelers and handling equipment.’
  • ‘In a survey of the Florentine silk industry in 1663, 78 per cent of adult weavers were women, as were 65 per cent of throwsters, and apparently all 8,004 reelers of silk for thread, including 3,288 girls under the age of 15.’
  • ‘In the first flush of fame, when virtually anything he appeared in would be a hit, he spent more on his two-reelers than other directors did on feature films.’
  • ‘There's more than enough here to keep the faithful busy for hours; even a Tune-book of Swarb tunes transcribed for budding reelers!’