Meaning of reflex arc in English:

reflex arc


  • The nerve pathway involved in a reflex action, including at its simplest a sensory nerve and a motor nerve with a synapse between.

    ‘The changes in the blood vessel and local hemodynamics could be mediated via a reflex arc, consisting of somatic afferent and autonomic efferent components.’
    • ‘These relaxations are vagally mediated, but the reflex arc that produces them can be affected by stimulation of other receptors.’
    • ‘Card's results imply that there could be a simple neural solution that ‘answers’ questions within what is essentially a reflex arc.’
    • ‘Superimposed on this reflex arc, are suprasegmental modifying influences from the brain stem, cerebellum, basal ganglia, and cerebral cortex.’
    • ‘When the normal sympathetic reflex arc fails to discontinue at the appropriate time, a temporary vasoconstrictive action of small vessels occurs.’