Meaning of reflexively in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈflɛksɪvli/

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  • As a reflex, without conscious thought; automatically.

    ‘they reflexively oppose policies that could harm their salaries’
    • ‘we nod reflexively before we're sure that we agree’
    • ‘We have moved some ways away from a world in which American leadership was reflexively accepted in Europe.’
    • ‘Her grip tightened reflexively on the strap of her messenger bag.’
    • ‘Professional investors reflexively bid high tech stocks up in January.’
    • ‘Many managers reflexively brag about how people are their company's key assets.’
    • ‘Reflexively, I slid an arm around her shoulders.’
    • ‘Freed of the weight that had been sitting atop her, the girl reflexively jerked her body out of the shallow water.’
    • ‘I jumped back reflexively, missing it by only a few centimeters.’
    • ‘We have learned to use seatbelts almost reflexively.’
    • ‘A faint clamour reached her ears, and she turned her gaze in its direction reflexively.’
    • ‘Some politicians, mostly Republicans, reflexively oppose all taxes.’