Meaning of reformat in English:


verbreformats, reformatting, reformatted

[with object]Computing
  • Give a new format to; revise or represent in another format.

    ‘the software has been reformatted to run under the industry standard operating system’
    • ‘It could take any action the user himself could take, including adding, changing or deleting data, communicating with web sites, reformatting the disk drive, and other actions.’
    • ‘Replacing software without having to reformat data or change hardware would also be possible.’
    • ‘It may be impossible to reinstall without reformatting the hard disk of your computer.’
    • ‘There's a hodgepodge of tools available to assist harried helpdesk staffers in doing everything from reformatting disk drives to remotely controlling a PC.’
    • ‘I told him I used your software and was reformatting my hard drive.’
    • ‘If you are not happy with the distribution, just pop the diskette out, throw it away (or reformat it) and reboot your PC.’
    • ‘This would give the attacker the ability to take any action on the computer they desired - including changing web pages, reformatting the hard drive, or adding new users to the local administrators group.’
    • ‘Since there's no write protection, nothing will stop a malicious user from reformatting it with the Operating System's disk tools.’
    • ‘Alternatively, you can simply backup these packages to an external storage medium when reformatting your computer so you can quickly and easily update the machine.’
    • ‘The system cannot directly access data wherever it resides on the network and, as a result, it must move the data from the core database and often reformat the entire file.’
    • ‘The input from the new user interface must also be reformatted to allow the underlying legacy program to understand the request.’
    • ‘It asks a few questions and then proceeds to repartition and reformat the hard drive, so be sure you're ready to let that happen.’
    • ‘Despite trying to educate her and installing firewall plus anti-virus software, I find myself having to reformat my daughter's PC every few months because it ends up loaded with spyware and adware.’
    • ‘There's little else left to do but reformat my hard disks and reinstall Windows and all my software.’
    • ‘To be really sure you've deleted Microsoft worms and viruses, you've got to reformat the disk before restoring from backup.’
    • ‘Tim Power, a Kilkenny newsagent who operates a small cybercafe, has reformatted his computers after finding them loaded with Internet worms.’
    • ‘I had reformatted my computer and lost the dial-in number.’
    • ‘Sliding out the keyboard automatically reformats the display from portrait into landscape mode.’
    • ‘Viewer copes best with word processor and text documents, reformatting the text to fit the narrow screen.’
    • ‘On both PCs, we reformatted the hard drives and installed a new operating system before installing ServieWise to avoid any legacy software that might interfere with our testing.’