Meaning of refreshingly in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈfrɛʃɪŋli/

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  • 1In a refreshing or reinvigorating way.

    ‘a strong breeze blew refreshingly all day’
    • ‘The new cultural center is refreshingly open, airy, and filled with light.’
    • ‘A refreshingly cool breeze whips through the herb garden.’
    • ‘On a hot day sea breezes can bring refreshingly cooler conditions to coastal towns and cities.’
    • ‘He breathed a huge sigh as he got into the refreshingly cold air after the fuzzy warmth of the pub.’
    • ‘Essential oils of ylang ylang and lavender leave skin feeling refreshingly tingly, warmed and clean.’
    • ‘The air is still warm, but refreshingly clear.’
    • ‘They have a refreshingly minty taste.’
    • ‘Wines whose pH is between 3.2 and 3.5 tend to taste refreshingly rather than piercingly acid.’
    • ‘The wine balances its warmer flavour with a refreshingly sharp tang.’
    • ‘It was pleasant in the cool shade, and the soft wind blew refreshingly.’
    1. 1.1In a way that is welcome or stimulating through being new or different.
      ‘banners which deviated refreshingly from the stereotypical norm’
      • ‘he is refreshingly honest about his failures’
      • ‘The film takes a refreshingly realistic approach to its often confused characters.’
      • ‘He is a refreshingly normal kind of genius.’
      • ‘The actor-turned-director has a refreshingly old-fashioned manner with the camera.’
      • ‘Refreshingly, the paintings do not proclaim their importance or flaunt their intelligence.’
      • ‘The filmmaker recounts the author's life story in a way that is refreshingly un-Hollywood.’
      • ‘The documentary's portrayal of the gigs, rehearsals, arguments and partying is refreshingly honest.’
      • ‘He's also refreshingly blunt; he seems to see India's future clearly.’
      • ‘The treatment of illegitimacy is refreshingly liberal.’
      • ‘Refreshingly, the store's emphasis on functional modern design does not mean sky high prices.’
      • ‘The film refreshingly avoids the easy out of a cliched ending.’