Meaning of refrigerated in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈfrɪdʒəreɪtɪd/


  • 1(of food or drink) chilled in a refrigerator.

    ‘sandwiches must be kept refrigerated in shops’
    • ‘refrigerated meat’
    • ‘Do not eat refrigerated pates or meat spreads.’
    • ‘Whole-wheat and whole-grain breads are sold everywhere now - even in the form of ready-to-use pizza crusts and refrigerated pizza dough.’
    • ‘However to complete my snack I also enjoyed a mug of tea and a piece of refrigerated cake, a biscuit base with chocolate topping.’
    • ‘Lay out your plan of action so that you go to the grocery store last so that you can take your refrigerated ingredients home as soon as possible.’
    • ‘Pick up prepackaged diced ham in the refrigerated meat case to save chopping time.’
    • ‘Dollar sales of refrigerated lemonade increased by 11.6 percent and other fruit juice rose an impressive 27.4 percent.’
    • ‘While overall juice sales have been struggling, interest in refrigerated tea continues to grow.’
    • ‘Misdiagnosis is common, especially if the contact took place while the patient was traveling overseas or if the patient has been poisoned by improperly refrigerated seafood.’
    • ‘Refrigerated melon was culture negative at 24 hours while the numbers of Salmonella ssp. doubled in refrigerated beef.’
    • ‘We depend almost entirely on overseas trade, and have done since the first export, in 1882, of refrigerated meat on the Dunedin, as I recall it.’
    • ‘Add the refrigerated butter and process 20 seconds until well combined.’
    • ‘The virus can thrive in refrigerated food also, he cautions.’
    • ‘Placing the refrigerated meat on a thick aluminum or copper pan or cookie sheet will help warm it up by conducting the cold away more swiftly.’
    • ‘Now we pour the refrigerated cream mixture from yesterday into our ice cream maker.’
    • ‘During his lifetime he rejected trains, television and refrigerated food.’
    • ‘The microorganism is particularly dangerous, and continues to grow in refrigerated food.’
    • ‘Unroll a 10-ounce package of refrigerated pizza crust onto a large baking sheet that has been coated with cooking spray.’
    • ‘Even refrigerated foods can have bacterial growth, so examine bottles and packages carefully, especially those that have been in the refrigerator for several days or weeks.’
    • ‘Unit sales of refrigerated teas were up 13.0 percent.’
    • ‘One of the challenges for dairy is that there isn't always the capability for bringing refrigerated product into the stores.’
    1. 1.1(of a vehicle or container) used to keep or transport food or drink in a chilled condition.
      ‘a refrigerated lorry’
      • ‘the new stalls have refrigerated display units’
      • ‘Get assurances that the caterer adheres to health and safety regulations, for the sake of your guests, and that food is transported in refrigerated vans, and such like.’
      • ‘‘We've also have a range of vehicles, including refrigerated trailers which have gone quite well,’ he said.’
      • ‘Both fresh and frozen turkeys are transported in refrigerated trucks to their destination.’
      • ‘Free-market gurus will scoff, but let's not forget that the transport of those products - often by air freight or refrigerated container - is extremely oil-dependent.’
      • ‘This means that if medication does arrive, there is nowhere to store it, and due to the ban on refrigerated vehicles, there is no way to transport such vital medications as antibiotics.’
      • ‘He had some flown in specially in a refrigerated container just so he could eat it at the temperature he likes.’
      • ‘Then refrigeration was invented, and soon the refrigerated vehicle.’
      • ‘Smart tags are also being affixed to refrigerated containers to make sure that food is stored at the right temperature.’
      • ‘Approximately 250 refrigerated trucks are used to transport Turner products from regional distribution centers.’
      • ‘Suiza companies also have contributed products as well as refrigerated trucks to deliver food and beverages to relief workers and residents.’
      • ‘Shiny new customized refrigerated trucks, capable of holding up to 10,000 units, were usually parked nearby so samplers could quickly reload their packs.’
      • ‘He said high value items included a refrigerated lorry worth about £25,000 and a horse box worth approximately £50,000.’
      • ‘The boxes are then loaded onto a refrigerated lorry and driven to Fort William.’
      • ‘In the Caribbean, say, the bananas are washed in water, packed in cardboard boxes and loaded on to refrigerated ships at 14C within 36 hours.’
      • ‘The second big problem for developing countries was their inability to get products to market because of a lack of infrastructure - roads, refrigerated lorries - that resulted in excessive waste.’
      • ‘Both men served in the 37th Field Transfusion Unit where Mr Wilson was the driver and responsible for shuttling plasma to injured soldiers aboard his little refrigerated truck.’
      • ‘A refrigerated truck pulls up outside the customer's home to deliver the produce, meat, breads, canned goods, frozen food and supplies that were ordered.’
      • ‘Their fleet of four refrigerated trucks makes regular rounds to local farmers and grocery-chain warehouses to pick up anything that hasn't spoiled.’
      • ‘A Wexford fishmonger who has being selling fish from the back of a refrigerated van in Portlaoise is resisting moves by Laois County Council to stop her from trading.’
      • ‘Its refrigerated food trucks would be too tall for the tunnel.’