Meaning of regimentally in English:



See regimental

‘By pop celebrities, I mean the musicians and actors and presenters and artists that everybody knows, even if they've never seen them perform; and by working, I mean their days are scheduled as regimentally as those of an overworked GP.’
  • ‘The tiles that came half way up the wall, before being regimentally segregated from the pink painted no-man's land stretching up to meet the ceiling, were sporadically patterned with seashells.’
  • ‘It was also apparent from early on that Hibs stopper Pat Walker was commander-in-chief of the group as the younger players in particular followed him regimentally.’
  • ‘Training intensity is high, while the importance of a proper diet and of taking sufficient rest is well-documented and regimentally adhered to.’
  • ‘This is the first time I've regimentally planned a week's meals ahead like this.’