Meaning of registration plate in English:

registration plate


another term for number plate
‘The registration plate was originally borne by a white Mitsubishi Cordia sports car, and later by other Mitsubishi cars owned by Mr Horsman.’
  • ‘In one case this was dealt with by husbands and partners standing photographing the registration plate of any car which even slowed down.’
  • ‘They threatened one of the bouncers with a knife but then when other bouncers rushed to his aid the two men fled in a white Mercedes Benz van with an English registration plate.’
  • ‘The PL on their registration plate and the Romska map on the dashboard dispelled any worries.’
  • ‘Skip forward nearly 100 years and, according to TV3's news last night, we're about to see technology applied to further strengthen the effectiveness of the registration plate as a method of making our roads safer.’
  • ‘One of the mobile phone traders arrested by customs Vat investigators had the personalised registration plate JU51 VAT - or JUST VAT.’
  • ‘Up to 60 per cent of bikers are escaping speed detection because they do not carry a registration plate on the front of their motorbikes, The Sunday Business Post has learned.’
  • ‘For those motorists caught speeding by a fixed or mobile speed detection camera, a similar notice of the offence will be issued, containing a photograph of the registration plate.’
  • ‘The introduction of national car testing and the 00 registration plate last year led to a 32 per cent increase in new car sales.’
  • ‘Any vehicle with a registration plate other than from Madurai is sure to be stopped by the traffic cop.’
  • ‘Where survey sites or conditions were too dangerous for motorcyclists to be stopped (for example, motorways, bad weather), we photographed the vehicles and followed them up through their registration plate details.’
  • ‘The desirable 00 registration plate and an increase in disposable income rocketed the number of new cars bought from 174,000 in 1999 to 230,000 in 2000.’
  • ‘Millennium Year set records for new car sales as 230,000 motorists cashed in on the country's continuing economic growth to sport a shiny 00 - registration plate.’
  • ‘The first is that the car you buy will have the current year's registration plate - always a consideration when you come to sell it again - and it will have low mileage.’
  • ‘With a Tipperary South registration plate, I thought to myself there is going to be trouble here.’
  • ‘The car was described by the girls as white and was thought to have a Northern Ireland registration plate.’
  • ‘The council is now using the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency to find out the addresses of littering motorists via their registration plates.’
  • ‘He could even remember the registration plates of the Honda.’
  • ‘It's time to shout stop and it's time the public offered their full co-operation to the Gardaí by utilising the hotline established to register the registration plates of road offenders.’
  • ‘Some were driven in black limousines with mirrored windows and no registration plates.’