Meaning of regularly in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrɛɡjələli/

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  • 1With a constant or definite pattern, especially with the same space between individual items.

    ‘regularly spaced buildings’
    • ‘leaves arranged regularly along the stem’
    • ‘Like a network of interconnecting cubes, the crystalline lattice is composed of regularly arranged subunits.’
    • ‘The roughly triangular holes are regularly arranged in a matrix.’
    • ‘The skeletons were arranged regularly in radial rows.’
    • ‘In each tray, the 104 seeds were regularly spaced 3 cm apart.’
    • ‘The sole clearly shows the regularly spaced, parallel tool marks of a powered rotary planer.’
    • ‘This is a solid in which the atoms are not regularly arrayed as they are in a crystal, but are more jumbled.’
    • ‘The plane of best focus is determined at a number of grid positions regularly distributed across the scan area.’
    • ‘The quarry produces stones of considerable size which are easily detached, the strata being regularly disposed one above the other.’
    • ‘For a successful lighting scheme the ceiling should look similar to a grid system with lighting placed regularly on the surface.’
    • ‘Place the pecan pieces regularly across the surface, to make the pie easier to cut later.’
  • 2At uniform intervals of time.

    ‘the reunion has taken place regularly every two years’
    • ‘The soil should be tested regularly to determine these nutrient levels.’
    • ‘Oil lubrication of the gear boxes is essential; bearings and seals should be checked regularly.’
    • ‘The ponies need to be wormed and monitored regularly.’
    • ‘Scum and/or sludge could build up and be carried to the drainfield if the tank is not pumped regularly.’
    • ‘The employee's performance should be reviewed regularly.’
    • ‘The survey instrument was then shared with attendees at a regularly scheduled faculty meeting.’
    • ‘Monitoring results must be submitted regularly to OEPA.’
    • ‘Then use any remaining doses for that day at regularly spaced intervals.’
    • ‘They are a group of young people aged between 17-40 who meet regularly for activities.’
    • ‘Set your browser to regularly delete cookies.’
    1. 2.1Frequently.
      ‘make a point of regularly consulting the noticeboard’
      • ‘a regularly updated news page’
      • ‘The chaplain at St Georges Church lays to rest the bodies of WW1 soldiers that are still regularly unearthed.’
      • ‘The Qualitative Risk Assessment is updated regularly.’
      • ‘The RSPCA is regularly requested to attend animals in danger from rising floodwaters.’
      • ‘Regularly communicate with families using their preferred language.’
      • ‘The great majority use computers for a variety of business functions and use the Internet and e-mail regularly.’
      • ‘The highest ratings came from students who attended class most regularly.’
      • ‘People who work outdoors and use DEET regularly should be aware of the possibility of a reaction if DEET products are overused.’
      • ‘On-campus online students could and did regularly stop by to ask questions of the instructor.’
      • ‘Plant breeders are continually looking to very old varieties of crops to find genes with resistance against the new diseases that regularly appear.’
      • ‘Be sure to visit the site regularly since new things are being added all the time.’
  • 3On a habitual basis; usually.

    ‘the person who regularly cuts your hair’
    • ‘We aim to build a base of customers who shop regularly at farmers markets.’
    • ‘Instructors regularly ask students on the first day to indicate how many "really want to be here?"’
    • ‘As he regularly reminds me, the most important job on a farm is the one that is not getting done!’
    • ‘You should inform your doctor if you regularly take garlic supplements or consume raw garlic.’
    • ‘He regularly goes to the famous Borough food market.’
    • ‘My six-year-old niece regularly stands in front of the mirror, pretending she's a singer.’
    • ‘My mad noisy neighbour regularly stands in her kitchen hailing her grandaughter as though she's already moved to Australia.’
    • ‘He lost a few pounds, which inspired him to start exercising regularly.’
    • ‘My aerobic capacity also changed from doing breathing exercises regularly.’
    • ‘Knee pain is the most common complaint by people who run, jog, cycle, or weight train regularly.’
  • 4Grammar
    In a way that follows the normal pattern of inflection.

    ‘a regularly inflected plural noun’
    • ‘The second type of participle, the past participle, is a little more complicated, since not all verbs form the past tense regularly.’
    • ‘In noun compounds in English, the modifying noun may be singular (mouse-eater) or an irregularly inflected plural (mice-eater), but regularly inflected plurals are dispreferred (* rats-eater).’
    • ‘Children have an innate understanding of a key feature of how noun-noun compounds are formed in English: they know that regularly inflected plurals cannot occur as the first (non-head) component of a compound, though irregular plurals can.’
    • ‘A few weeks ago I posted about some data that I gathered on a linguistic field trip: a nice clear case of an endocentric noun-noun compound with regularly inflected plural non-head.’
    • ‘"Activities Center" is a compound with a regularly inflected plural as the first of its two elements.’