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Pronunciation /ˌriːɪmˈbəːs/

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  • 1Repay (a person who has spent or lost money)

    ‘the investors should be reimbursed for their losses’
    • ‘If the firm discovers that you're eligible for a refund, it must reimburse you with cash, not services or discounts.’
    • ‘Tenants must also be reimbursed for any expenditure on repairs.’
    • ‘If the seller already has paid taxes beyond that date, you must reimburse them.’
    • ‘He must reimburse the applicant for the costs she has incurred as a result of his conduct.’
    • ‘Nearly all holiday insurance plans work by reimbursing the traveller after they have paid locally for treatment.’
    • ‘‘I'm sure your insurance company will reimburse you,’ Lucas assured her.’
    • ‘I then asked how I could claim on their insurance policy to reimburse defrauded customers, and they simply replied advising me to try their arbitration service.’
    • ‘Ms King said staff were continuing to pay union costs out of their own pockets, despite the fact that they have not been reimbursed for such expenses since last February.’
    • ‘So I will work with the Congress to ensure that states are reimbursed for these extra expenses.’
    • ‘A claim for $150,000 to reimburse him for education expenses forms part of his current lawsuit.’
    • ‘Most cruise lines won't reimburse you for expenses and missed cruises if you opt to leave the ship early.’
    • ‘We will also expect the council to reimburse us for the expense.’
    • ‘The evaluation will be provided at no charge, and, in most cases, patients will be reimbursed for their travel expenses.’
    • ‘Thus, a family with income between 100 and 200 percent of the poverty line would be reimbursed 75 percent of its total covered expenses.’
    • ‘They also reimburse entrants to the tune of £250 for travel expenses if they raise a minimum of £750.’
    • ‘The best you can hope for is getting the airline to reimburse you for some of the expenses you incur while waiting for your suitcase to show up.’
    • ‘Under the Local Government Act, a councillor who incurs an expense in their duty is entitled to be reimbursed.’
    • ‘He also was reimbursed $174,354 for travel and other expenses.’
    • ‘She was in sales and one employer refused to reimburse her for business expenses (among other things).’
    • ‘These workers were usually reimbursed for expenses, but received little or no remuneration for their work.’
    compensate, recompense, refund, repay, square accounts with, settle up with
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    1. 1.1Repay (a sum of money that has been spent or lost)
      ‘your expenses will be reimbursed’
      • ‘The cost of the service is not reimbursed by health insurance.’
      • ‘Unlicensed drugs are not specified in the database because they are not automatically reimbursed by insurance.’
      • ‘Patients are made aware that the service is unlikely to be reimbursed by insurance.’
      • ‘Volunteers are, as the name suggests unpaid, but expenses incurred are reimbursed, so you won't be out of pocket by joining.’
      • ‘Transport will be provided and childcare expenses will be reimbursed.’
      • ‘Full training will be provided and all expenses incurred will be reimbursed.’
      • ‘The employment contract or handbook should ideally set out the company's expenses policy and should detail all expenses that will be reimbursed by the employer.’
      • ‘Any expenses incurred by volunteers will be reimbursed.’
      • ‘A library that knowingly fails to comply with certification must reimburse the funds and discounts received for that period.’
      • ‘The Commission agrees that companies benefiting from structural funds will have to reimburse the money if they leave within seven years.’
      • ‘The audits either rejected the inflated invoices or required the contractors to reimburse the money.’
      • ‘Bradley said he tried to strike a deal with the municipality, so that he could reimburse the money he owed.’
      • ‘The company, he adds, is reimbursing the funds for the additional pay.’
      • ‘The church reimburses the health premiums for a total of $10,000.’
      • ‘Most of this money is reimbursed by the Government.’
      • ‘The costs are reimbursed to the commonwealth only after the claim is successful.’
      • ‘The loans were supposed to be used by the banks to reimburse depositors' money.’
      repay, refund, return, pay back, give back, restore, replace, make good
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Early 17th century from re-‘back, again’ + obsolete imburse ‘put in a purse’, from medieval Latin imbursare, from in- ‘into’ + late Latin bursa ‘purse’.