Meaning of reinvestment in English:


Pronunciation /riːɪnˈvɛstm(ə)nt/


mass noun
  • The action of putting the profit made on a previous investment back into the same scheme.

    ‘future reinvestment in new technologies’
    • ‘Venezuela has quite a diversified industrial sector, largely due to its reinvestment of oil resources.’
    • ‘The company provided an 11.5% average annualized total return, which includes reinvestment of dividends.’
    • ‘Be sure on the application to request reinvestment of all dividends.’
    • ‘Dividend reinvestment plans, or DRIPs, allow investors to build investment portfolios by reinvesting dividends into more shares.’
    • ‘One set of institutions monitored the compliance of the parties to their agreement to exchange wage moderation for the reinvestment of profits.’
    • ‘This will deliver significant savings to the public purse for reinvestment in front-line services.’
    • ‘Those making the shift to resource reinvestment are not just doing good, they are also reaping profits.’
    • ‘"We will continue to grow our group with reinvestment," he said, adding, "continuous improvement is part of our business ethics."’
    • ‘He cited many examples of national airlines requiring reinvestments by their owners, in each case the respective government of that country.’
    • ‘He calls the conservation effort a "reinvestment" in the ranch's long-term health.’