Meaning of reiteration in English:


Pronunciation /riːɪtəˈreɪʃ(ə)n/

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mass noun
  • The action of repeating something, typically for emphasis or clarity.

    ‘the reiteration of his campaign promise to cut taxes’
    • ‘a simple reiteration of the plots of classic episodes’
    • ‘The text is largely a reiteration of what any well-read designer already knows.’
    • ‘The production also swathes the play in endless reiterations of the aria that gives the play its title.’
    • ‘A simplistic reiteration of the Stability Pact's main provisions avoids the problem, rather than resolving it.’
    • ‘When speaking with a bureau staff member, she "got, basically, a reiteration of the recorded message," she recalls.’
    • ‘Christ's body as a necessary conduit in the relationship between the human and the divine finds frequent reiteration in Herbert's poetry.’
    • ‘In many artists' work, an arena of possibilities is delineated, and, over the years, a complex, expanding reiteration takes place.’
    • ‘One might be tempted to disregard this relatively unqualified opinion had it not found reiteration in several critical writings.’
    • ‘Cast bronze was now his favoured material and a growing sense of blandness and reiteration dogged his later career.’
    • ‘"A reiteration of the obvious is never wasted on the oblivious," the author finishes up.’
    • ‘The "swoops, the spirals, the digressions and the reiterations" so characteristic of oral narrative are all there in the novel.’