Meaning of rejuvenescence in English:



mass noun
  • 1The renewal of youth or vitality.

    ‘By continuous living tradition and a vital power of rejuvenescence, this land has readjusted itself through unnumbered transformations.’
    • ‘Senescence leads to reproduction and the process of rejuvenescence in each asexual cycle carries the organism back to the same stage of youth.’
    • ‘Two categories of potential advantages of sex - variation and rejuvenescence - were hotly debated in the nineteenth century and today.’
    renewal, revival, recovery, rally, upturn, comeback, reinvigoration, reawakening, resurrection, reappearance, re-emergence, rejuvenation, regeneration, new birth, rebirth, renaissance, new dawn, new beginning
    1. 1.1Biology The reactivation of vegetative cells, resulting in regrowth from old or injured parts.
      ‘Although corallites are basically ceratoid in shape, the majority have irregular shapes, which were probably produced by a combination of redirected growth and rejuvenescence many times during life.’
      • ‘Variations of those characters are partly due to stressed environments, such as unstable, muddy substrates resulting in corallite rejuvenescence and redirection.’
      • ‘In a particular corallum, the diameter of the aulos responded quickly to an event that caused redirection or rejuvenescence of growth, which can be observed in longitudinal sections.’



/ˌriːdʒuːvɪˈnɛsns/ /rɪˌdʒuːvɪˈnɛsns/


Mid 17th century from late Latin rejuvenescere (from Latin re- ‘again’ + juvenis ‘young’) + -ence.