Meaning of relatable in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈleɪtəbl/

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  • 1Able to be related to something else.

    ‘its story of a misfit is relatable to experiences many of us admit to having’
    • ‘In each of these cases, the ethics are relatable to the processes whereby decisions are made.’
    • ‘It has played a very strong part in my being born again with its easily relatable themes of ambition versus obligation.’
    • ‘Although its influence on the behavior modification procedures relatable to operant formulations has been negligible, Skinner has attempted to define the term.’
  • 2Enabling a person to feel that they can relate to someone or something.

    ‘Mary-Kate's problems make her more relatable’
    • ‘Like many later Oliver Stone films, there simply isn't a relatable character in the bunch.’
    • ‘Now, Monica said, Mary-Kate's problems make her more relatable.’
    • ‘The directors always seem to confuse making something relatable with making something cool.’
    • ‘They tackle simple, relatable subjects in a positive, catchy manner.’
    • ‘The script's exploration of people's innermost desire to discover their own potential made this play very relatable to its audience.’
    • ‘There's a certain casual air around his character in the film that makes him instantly relatable.’
    • ‘You might figure that Hollywood would know how to create a realistic environment populated with relatable characters.’
    • ‘And I think to a certain level, she was not relatable.’
    • ‘And I think, to a at a certain level, she was not relatable.’
    • ‘There are no punch lines or relatable characters, just absurdity - - yet somehow it works.’
    • ‘Trouble is, neither of these reactions can possibly be relatable to how a general audience is going to feel.’
    • ‘Redford, Mirren, and Dafoe do wonders with the routine material and create recognizable and relatable characters.’
    • ‘The idea of the cure is so relatable for every character, but also in a large sense.’
    • ‘Their chemistry is electric and their stories so relatable.’
    • ‘Does that make this story any less relatable for them?’
    • ‘No where does it say that every film has to have a relatable or like-able character in it.’
    • ‘A very absorbing movie that is relatable and relevant on many levels.’
    • ‘And secondly, are the people relatable?’
    • ‘" Tom Lynch and his team have once again written a smart show that is exciting, creative, innovative and, most importantly, speaks to teens in a relatable way.’
    • ‘After a few of these interviews, Suh cuts to a very relatable, already world-weary student who says: "My homeroom was filled with teenagers, as is every other homeroom."’