Meaning of relationship management in English:

relationship management

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mass noun
  • The supervision and maintenance of relationships between a company and its external partners, especially its clients.

    ‘he will be in charge of facilities and relationship management in Asia’
    • ‘A strong focus should be placed by marketing departments on relationship management.’
    • ‘Companies that can effectively manage, measure, and reward for mastering the fundamentals of relationship management will build an organization that will succeed financially in the short term and build lasting shareholder value in the long term.’
    • ‘Relationship management is nothing new, but with the advent of the Internet as a communications infrastructure, it's more important than ever.’
    • ‘The "new leaders" of tomorrow will have excellent relationship management skills.’
    • ‘Increased emphasis on relationship management means that banks are now looking for proven wealth managers and business bankers who can bring established client relationships to the table.’
    • ‘She is an advisor to CEOs and CFOs of client companies on matters relating to communications strategy, corporate governance and relationship management with the financial community.’
    • ‘He has core competencies in sales, business development and relationship management.’
    • ‘One of the first objectives in a new relationship should be to profile the client culture to determine both its compatibility and the personnel that will be assigned to relationship management.’
    • ‘In relationship management there is one abiding truth: from little things big things grow.’
    • ‘It is no good being great at relationship management and not making any money.’