Meaning of relentlessly in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈlɛntlɪsli/

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  • In an unceasingly intense or harsh way.

    ‘Joseph worked relentlessly’
    • ‘he was being bullied relentlessly at school’
    • ‘the songs are relentlessly upbeat’
    • ‘Kenneth Clark famously called Leonardo 'the most relentlessly curious man in history'.’
    • ‘The film overcomes the senses, relentlessly engaging the spectator's gaze.’
    • ‘Characterization simply gets in the way of the filmmaker's relentlessly nihilistic examination of bad things happening to seemingly innocent people.’
    • ‘His is a relentlessly energetic, deliciously sentimental, powerfully intelligent art.’
    • ‘As the art of photography marches relentlessly down the digital path, a surprisingly opposite trend has also emerged.’
    • ‘To remove the tick, pull gently and relentlessly straight away from your skin.’
    • ‘It is a relentlessly violent movie.’
    • ‘He deals the cards, and deals and deals and deals in a scene that goes on relentlessly.’
    • ‘The piece both evokes the hijackers' view from the cockpit and re-creates the tragic moment as it has been relentlessly aired on TV.’
    • ‘The site is also, in effect, a traffic island, with vehicles swirling relentlessly around (and under) it.’