Meaning of reliant in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˈlʌɪənt/

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  • Dependent on someone or something.

    ‘the company is heavily reliant on the baby market’
    • ‘Sound, even more than image, is reliant on the quality of the source recording.’
    • ‘Farmers reliant on a limited range of organic crops are likely to suffer significantly.’
    • ‘Science fiction movies have become all too reliant on CGI these days.’
    • ‘He talks about how man cannot rely on his own skills to survive in the modern world, how he's reliant on many others for his sense of self.’
    • ‘The book tries to explores the intense emotional bond that forms between people when they become reliant on each other.’
    • ‘We are a small open island economy, heavily reliant on our external trading partners for our economic prosperity.’
    • ‘Were clouds to close in, the aircraft would be reliant upon three instruments to aid the navigator.’
    • ‘We are reliant upon debt for our money.’
    • ‘Certain sections of society have become far too reliant on the state.’
    • ‘Debt relief would barely make up for the fall in commodity prices such as coffee and cotton on which many developing nations' economies are reliant.’