Meaning of reminiscent in English:


Pronunciation /rɛmɪˈnɪs(ə)nt/

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  • 1Tending to remind one of something.

    ‘the sights were reminiscent of my childhood’
    • ‘We were plunged into one of those public-service adverts reminiscent of the early days of Channel 4.’
    • ‘Everything will be reminiscent of the old days of hang gliding.’
    1. 1.1Absorbed in or suggesting absorption in memories.
      ‘her expression was wistful and reminiscent’
      • ‘She felt strangely reminiscent of her father gazing at at the glossy surfaces of the jewel.’
  • 2Suggesting something by resemblance.

    ‘her robes were vaguely reminiscent of military dress’
    • ‘Bush's 2001 and 2003 tax packages are eerily reminiscent of the Reagan cuts.’
    • ‘Yet it seems eerily reminiscent of the empty politics of spin that we endure at home.’
    • ‘Neat, compact, there was something about her vaguely reminiscent of a seal pup.’
    • ‘The church plan, vaguely reminiscent of a classical basilica, is a simple asymmetric rectangle.’
    • ‘They do so, paradoxically, in a rhetoric strongly reminiscent of that long associated with the right.’
    • ‘Proctor is also top-notch, and uncannily reminiscent of Will Ferrell.’
    • ‘She smiled at me in a way reminiscent of a doting aunt.’
    • ‘Kieran paused, tilting his head in a manner reminiscent of a predator.’
    • ‘The film is composed of a series of tableaux, with scenes reminiscent of detailed paintings.’
    • ‘He still had a thick dirty blonde hair with a style reminiscent of Elvis.’
    • ‘Wavy textures running the length of whitewashed walls create shadows reminiscent of the sea.’
    • ‘Most sections began with the dancers striking a pose reminiscent of Rodin's muscular statues.’
    • ‘The boy spread his arms with a small grin, taking on a pose reminiscent of a model.’
    • ‘The title track is even an evocative melody reminiscent of early Portishead.’
    • ‘Such wines have a very distinct aroma reminiscent of bananas or kirsch.’
    • ‘That would be okay if the character really grabbed you, but this play was uncomfortably reminiscent of having somebody sit down next to you in the metro and tell you their life story.’
    • ‘This DVD is a great mix of live music and intelligent conversation with a great band of seemingly cool guys, albeit with a geek factor reminiscent of the math faculty.’
    • ‘He liked to display a map - reminiscent of a phrenology chart - showing which areas of the brain are involved in drug use and addiction.’
    • ‘The quick-fire recording of Curious was reminiscent of the Cake's self-titled debut, recorded in a single day back in 1989.’
    • ‘The hooded poncho he wears during the third act is clearly designed to look as much like a superhero cape as possible, and is reminiscent of DC Comics supernatural hero Spectre.’
    similar to, comparable with, bearing comparison with, inviting comparison with, tending to make one think of
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Mid 18th century from Latin reminiscent- ‘remembering’, from the verb reminisci.