Meaning of remnant bushland in English:

remnant bushland


mass nounAustralian
  • Land from which the native vegetation has not been cleared.

    ‘koalas are under threat from diminishing remnant bushland’
    • ‘The amount of remaining vegetation depends on the amount of remnant bushland within reserves.’
    • ‘At the peak we are rewarded with a spectacular view across remnant bushland.’
    • ‘A proliferation of new mines will mean the clearing of thousands of hectares of precious remnant bushland.’
    • ‘There are 19 remnant bushland areas protected under the Crown Lands Act.’
    • ‘These councils have much higher proportions of their remnant bushland remaining on freehold lands.’
    • ‘The combination of hobby farms and remnant bushland result in a relatively high level of habitat heterogeneity.’
    • ‘They argue that carving up the remnant bushland for the sake of the holy motor vehicle is just plain wrong.’
    • ‘The firm will bulldoze about 4000 hectares of remnant bushland in the refuge.’
    • ‘NSW signalled an overhaul of laws that would allow farmers to self-assess the value of remnant bushland.’
    • ‘Less mobile species have been forced to develop strategies to cope in the remaining pockets of remnant bushland.’