Meaning of renewable energy in English:

renewable energy

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mass noun
  • Energy from a source that is not depleted when used, such as wind or solar power.

    ‘the environmental benefits of renewable energy’
    • ‘Landfill gas is growing in popularity as a source of renewable energy.’
    • ‘Irish renewable energy producers have received planning permission to build wind turbines to produce 1,300 mw of renewable energy.’
    • ‘Renewable energy, not counting hydropower, now produces only 2% of the nation's electricity.’
    • ‘The magazine covers a wide range of areas, such as waste, construction and renewable energy.’
    • ‘The report advocates everything from boosts in auto fuel economy and renewable energy to more diverse supplies of oil and gas.’
    • ‘There are no renewable energy projects on the horizon that could immediately help us to avoid a future energy crisis.’
    • ‘Renewable energy may enhance your home's value’
    • ‘Renewable energy and energy-efficiency technologies look set to command an increasing share of investment dollars and markets.’
    • ‘Germany has committed to doubling its economy by 2060 on half the power, using mostly renewable energy.’
    • ‘Globally, new renewable energy helps meet the energy needs of more than 300 million people.’
    • ‘Everybody is focusing on the renewable energy target.’
    • ‘Back in the 1970s and 1980s, substantial investments were put into renewable energy sources.’
    • ‘By its very nature, the renewable-energy industry is one of the most innovative around.’
    • ‘If you hang around the renewable-energy business for long, you'll hear a lot of tall tales.’
    • ‘The town is also installing a wind turbine this month next to the sewer plant as another element in its renewable-energy initiatives.’