Meaning of reniform in English:


Pronunciation /ˈriːnɪfɔːm/


Mineralogy Botany
  • Kidney-shaped.

    ‘Asymmetric divisions lead to the formation of a pair of reniform guard cells surrounding the stomatal opening.’
    • ‘Stalked, reniform sporangia reside clearly in the axis of the leaves.’
    • ‘Lateral branches dichotomize several times before terminating in pairs of reniform sporangia.’
    • ‘The pale form is straw-colored with mahogany brown markings at the edges of the wings, whereas the dark form has the entire forewing mahogany-colored except for a paler line round the orbicular and reniform stigmata.’
    • ‘Scattered among the large cells were occasional multinucleated ‘hallmark’ tumor cells exhibiting horseshoe-shaped or reniform nuclei with perinuclear hofs.’


Mid 18th century from Latin ren ‘kidney’ + -form.