Meaning of renominate in English:


Pronunciation /riːˈnɒmɪneɪt/


[with object]
  • Nominate (someone) for a further term of office.

    ‘the party refused to renominate the country's president as its candidate’
    • ‘But then the party will renominate a president who is for little, if any, of that.’
    • ‘Recently, President Bush renominated twelve men and women whom he had previously nominated for federal appellate court judgeships.’
    • ‘They presumably know that whatever the near-term practical difficulties that may come with renominating Roberts for the Chief slot, the long-term impact on the Court will far outweigh them.’
    • ‘I mean, I voted for him the last two times, including when President Clinton renominated him.’
    • ‘His first comment about Bush's decision to renominate these judges was to express his dislike of the move.’
    • ‘Has the President agreed to renominate him to a court after a couple of years?’
    • ‘‘Until they renominate the candidates, we'll suspend the review process or simply let the newly elected legislature take over the job,’ he said.’
    • ‘End the procedure of having the national associations renominate their judges each year, which allows the associations to hold a hammer over their judges heads.’
    • ‘The Republicans next held a national convention in Philadelphia in 1900, and again they prepared to renominate a popular president.’
    • ‘The Second District Republicans did not renominate Thomas in 1878 or 1880.’
    • ‘While members would serve a five-year term, should they be renominated, they could only serve one additional term.’
    • ‘Larry, the way these guys ran their campaigns, I'd be surprised if their parties would ever renominate them again, whoever the loser is.’
    • ‘Republicans can rightly make the argument that New Jersey Democrats should have known what they were getting when they renominated Torricelli.’
    • ‘He invited me once to the weekend on the ranch, very suddenly, just after he'd been renominated in Atlantic City.’
    • ‘Earlier this month the White House renominated the former mining and cattle industry lobbyist to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.’
    • ‘President Calvin Coolidge renominated the Mobile prosecutor despite vicious opposition from Mobile.’
    • ‘While Pickering retired once his recess appointment expired with the beginning of the new Congress, Pryor was renominated.’
    • ‘Three withdrew from consideration, but Bush renominated the remaining seven, of whom five will now likely be confirmed.’
    • ‘The man they will renominate is hitting the campaign trail just as hard right now.’
    • ‘Democrats used the threat of a filibuster to block ten of these nominees during Bush's first term, and have threatened to continue this campaign against seven of the ten whom Bush renominated earlier this year.’