Meaning of rent-seeking in English:



mass nounEconomics
  • The fact or practice of manipulating public policy or economic conditions as a strategy for increasing profits.

    ‘cronyism and rent-seeking have become an integral part of the way our biggest companies do business’
    • ‘The same rent-seeking against consumers continues.’
    • ‘This shadow economy includes whole industries owned or controlled by organized crime, and rent-seeking and bribery schemes on the part of government officials.’
    • ‘The developmental state sets clear policies and goals for the economy and carries these out while simultaneously minimizing corporate rent-seeking and bureaucratic failure.’
    • ‘Examples of rent seeking are legion and largely responsible for underdevelopment.’
    • ‘There is no doubt that policy failures, weak governments, distorted incentive structures and rent-seeking are common around the world.’
    • ‘Rent seeking by the rich, and by the less rich, is objectionable.’
    • ‘One thing I think that was in the background in the reforms was that reducing the discretionary powers of the state would also reduce rent-seeking by the state.’
    • ‘Many extreme examples of rent-seeking have been documented in the least performing economies.’
    • ‘The adverse consequences of rent-seeking have long been of concern.’
    • ‘The public choice theorist would be looking to judge empirically the effects of rent seeking.’


  • Engaging in or involving the manipulation of public policy or economic conditions as a strategy for increasing profits.

    ‘rent-seeking lobbyists’
    • ‘It has been alleged that rent-seeking activities contribute to significant inefficiencies in resource allocation.’
    • ‘More important too is that privatization is also greatly effective in reducing rent-seeking activities of government officials.’
    • ‘More broadly, producers are likely to engage in what economists call "rent-seeking behavior".’
    • ‘The presence of monopoly rents tends to foster rent-seeking behavior.’
    • ‘Property can be just as much a rent-seeking device as monopoly.’
    • ‘The rent-seeking dynamic doesn't get much more vulgar than this city's zoning code.’
    • ‘He divides rent-seeking firms into those that have no hope of surviving without protection, and those firms that prefer protection, but that might succeed at competing internationally if forced to.’
    • ‘The Supreme Court did not strike these laws down on grounds that they were special-interest rent-seeking legislation.’
    • ‘The rich benefit from rising productivity and enhanced rent seeking opportunities.’
    • ‘He said that the rent-seeking practice of landowners resulted in "very short-term vision, resulting in poor investments in land".’