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Pronunciation /ˈrɛntl/

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  • 1An amount paid or received as rent.

    ‘a nominal rental’
    • ‘The move also costs the state, which pays the line rental for thousands of pensioners under a scheme to boost security and social contact for the elderly.’
    • ‘Property taxes, insurance and ground rentals are capitalized on property that is under construction until such time as it is prepared for its intended use.’
    • ‘Cost is also a factor with office rentals having doubled over the last five years.’
    • ‘When foreign buyers get approval, they must open a non-resident account which is normally funded from the buyer's country of residence or from rentals received on the property purchased.’
    • ‘Tenants normally pay annual rentals up front in either one or two installments.’
    • ‘There is nothing worse than relying on what can all too often turn out to be non-existent rentals to pay off a large mortgage.’
    • ‘As a rule, you can expect rentals to cover general expenses such as insurance, rental management, local taxes and rates with some left over to cover your mortgage expenses.’
    • ‘In that situation, in addition to the possibility of an arrangement or analogous fee, the broker can generate profit reflective of the difference between the price which he will have paid and the rentals which he will receive.’
    • ‘The lease payments are treated as rentals and are deductible.’
    • ‘The monthly rental is a flat rate because the internet connection is always on.’
    • ‘The traders expressed hope that with the start of discussions with the council, the rentals would be reduced to a reasonable amount.’
    • ‘For example, in the uniform rental business, you frequently evaluate targets based on rentals earned over the subsequent 52 weeks.’
    • ‘So residential property is currently ‘overvalued’ compared to both incomes and rentals.’
    • ‘An arbitrator determines a revised rental based on evidence put forward by both the landlord and the tenant.’
    • ‘Ms Wilkins is already paying a high monthly rental.’
    • ‘The charges for this service include connection fee of €99.16 plus monthly line rental of €30.99.’
    • ‘A weekly rental is paid on all bedroom units and again charged according to the means of the applicant.’
    • ‘The lease rental paid by the local authority, funded by the government, is treated as an annual expense.’
    • ‘For families in the poverty trap this was a year of suffering with increased rentals driving families to share houses in overcrowded conditions and stress making more families dysfunctional.’
    • ‘The daily pay was enough to cover rental on the house and garden.’
    hire charge, rental
    1. 1.1mass noun The action of renting something.
      ‘the office was on weekly rental’
      • ‘In fact, when the videocassette had appeared, Hollywood had been up in arms until it realised that there was much to gain from the sale and rental of films recorded on videotape.’
      • ‘At present, these users receive two separate bills one from their new service provider for calls made, and one from Eircom for phone line rental.’
      • ‘Other rural credit unions own fishing boats for rental.’
      • ‘The movies will be offered, as at any video store, in DVD and VHS, for sale or rental.’
      • ‘The extra $1,500 left over could have gone to advertising costs and rental of a loudspeaker.’
      • ‘The cost of rescuing them each morning put an end to houseboat rental.’
      • ‘Some of the houses in South Street are offered for holiday rental.’
      • ‘Really, I can't recommend this disc, either for purchase or rental, yet not for reasons you might immediately assume.’
      • ‘The first 100,000 customers to sign up for Smart broadband will get their monthly line rental free for life.’
      • ‘Slip in a pair of big fluffy slippers and a coupon for a free movie rental.’
      • ‘Each state has different laws, which govern short-term rentals of automobiles.’
      • ‘Their purchases are treated as short-term rentals to support their addiction.’
      • ‘Increases in mobile phone service charges by some operators and a further narrowing in the decline of private housing rentals also contributed to the smaller fall.’
      • ‘Car rental can be quite expensive in the peak summer season and the best rates can be obtained by booking in advance or online.’
      • ‘Each state has different laws, which govern short-term rentals of automobiles.’
      • ‘Seeing the works in their permanent settings would have required numerous plane tickets, the rental of a car, and perhaps even a donkey or camel.’
    2. 1.2North American A rented house or car.
      ‘several young people sharing a summer rental’
      • ‘I have a good job and comfortable future retirement benefit; I also own a house and a rental.’
      • ‘It turns out that, even before the tax bill was passed, this year's most fabulous summer rentals were all snapped up well before Memorial Day.’
      • ‘When the agency that handled their summer rental called, Don said they would not be taking the cottage this time.’
      • ‘While other Relo brokers sold the employees' old homes, Lake Norman found them new houses or rentals.’
      • ‘There are many types of Hilton Head vacation rentals, including the residential plantations, hotels, condos, villas, and even houses.’
      • ‘Rentals currently occupied by students would be ‘grandfathered’ into the program, meaning that the ordinance would only impact houses that are not currently student rentals.’
      • ‘While there were a few reports of people moving into single dwelling units while the owners were away, Moore said the problem was more prevalent with the apartments, which are rentals.’
      • ‘This not only makes the home a desirable rental, it's ideal for the owners as well.’
      • ‘Since this car was a rental, there wasn't much in it, just the gun and a couple maps.’
      • ‘The revenue that was used for the loan was revenue that otherwise was being used to meet the cost of rentals for staff accommodation.’
      • ‘Vacation rentals are available all year round in Hilton Head.’
      • ‘A cheap Bahamas vacation rental does not have to mean a lower standard of living.’
      • ‘Though sparsely populated, Plantation Key promises accommodation for the tourists at the waterfront vacation rentals.’
      • ‘If you like that sort of thing, I would certainly recommend a rental.’
      • ‘Even the tax on income from rentals is low, so absentee landlords are proliferating.’
      • ‘Income earned from rentals is taxable, and the tax rate is based on the residency of the owner.’
      • ‘With demand for rentals strong, he's looking to raise rents.’
      • ‘Westin will be managing rentals on behalf of investors through its marketing network.’
      occupancy, period of occupancy, occupation, period of occupation, residence, habitation, holding, possession


  • Relating to or available for rent.

    ‘rental accommodation’
    • ‘The qualifying expenditure is available in full against rental income within the state.’
    • ‘It may also be worth keeping the policy assigned to your mortgage as it might be allowable as a deductible expense against the property's rental income.’
    • ‘For example, interest on borrowings to purchase buy-to-let property can be offset against rental income for individual property investors.’
    • ‘Ken helped Tracy go from renting to owning rental property.’
    • ‘Tax generally has to be paid in the Republic on any money earned from rental property or stock options in Ireland.’
    • ‘Property prices are such that rental income should not be relied upon to pay for the property.’
    • ‘Hendrix tried to prepare for the inevitable by purchasing rental property to generate another source of income.’
    • ‘One impact that land shortage has had is on the availability of cheap rental accommodation.’
    • ‘Build 330 new rental units over the next 30 months.’
    • ‘He predicted that 10,000 new rental units would be built within two years, and that vacancy rates would rise.’
    • ‘Gross rental values of nearby homes would drop reducing the amount the council could charge ratepayers.’
    • ‘Keep in mind that rental prices vary depending on how long you expect to rent the tux for.’
    • ‘Wiping his hands on the rental car's seat, he turned the corner.’
    • ‘His hand shook slightly as he maneuvered the rental car through the heavy traffic.’
    • ‘Several industry sources said that city centre rental properties can be negotiated down significantly.’
    • ‘To fully experience the Japanese culture, some get rental property outside the gate.’
    • ‘If market conditions and rental yields improve, you can negotiate more preferential returns.’
    • ‘One of the reasons rents have been rising is that rental demand is on the up.’
    • ‘They are also popular as rental items for special projects where ground conditions favor their use.’
    • ‘In addition, the company is launching a new online rental store of the same name in September.’


Late Middle English from Anglo-Norman French, or from Anglo-Latin rentale, from Old French rente (see rent).