Meaning of repackaging in English:



mass noun
  • 1The process of packaging goods again or differently.

    ‘the repackaging of the juice brand was well received’
    • ‘Older gaming houses have a big advantage in the area of repackaging.’
    • ‘The company is continuing its handsome repackaging of the original series.’
    • ‘Thus, what you're seeing is a repackaging of a VHS release.’
    • ‘What boggles my mind is the repackaging of games just over a year old.’
    • ‘We do everything from the repackaging to the labeling of the new bar codes for the club store.’
    • ‘The case is concerned with the repackaging of trade-marked alcoholic drinks.’
    • ‘This collection is a DVD repackaging of six titles previously released on video.’
    • ‘The relatively straightforward process of repackaging for the British market usually means little more than translating the patent information into English.’
    • ‘This will cut down on fraud or repackaging that is unfortunately a real problem in the market.’
    • ‘In not one case has the importer's product after repackaging looked identical to the original.’
    1. 1.1The presentation of a person or thing in a new way.
      ‘constant reworking and repackaging of ideas’
      • ‘The actress is a case study in botched repackaging.’
      • ‘This series is one of the best examples of pop culture repackaging I've ever seen.’
      • ‘He considers "the most obvious" solution to be the repackaging of English Studies "into more specialized new disciplines".’
      • ‘The many recurrent traces of influence might suggest the album is no more than a repackaging of existent sounds.’
      • ‘I have long since grown tired of these Hollywood tropes, but the Bollywood repackaging made it all fun again.’
      • ‘This anime version of The Adventures of Pinocchio is actually a repackaging of a Japanese animated television series into a feature length film.’
      • ‘The economic crisis called for new theories, or more precisely, the repackaging of several old neoliberal theories that were taken "off the shelf".’
      • ‘This can be construed as yet another example of the Government's repackaging of One Nation policy for mainstream politics.’
      • ‘Some papers rely on the repackaging of stories from a parent paper, others run wire stories, and some emphasize original reporting.’
      • ‘The development is not a nostalgic repackaging of a lost urban history, but a thoughtful and optimistic experiment in contemporary urbanism.’