Meaning of repeatability in English:


Pronunciation /rɪˌpiːtəˈbɪlɪti/


See repeatable

‘Consider the company's third-quarter earnings, which demonstrated the importance of repeatability.’
  • ‘Age did not affect repeatability in any of the models.’
  • ‘What the skeptics do is challenge these "scientists" to the gold standards of science, particularly repeatability.’
  • ‘Repeatability, thus predictability, is invaluable to buyers.’
  • ‘These recordings, two months apart, demonstrate the repeatability of this finding.’
  • ‘Typically, when the product's end-user can see the component, color uniformity and repeatability are important.’
  • ‘The company had tried using thermal bonding with its polyester heat-shrink tubing in the past, but the process lacked repeatability.’
  • ‘The results varied widely, so to verify repeatability, we ran ten iterations and took an average.’
  • ‘This will increase productivity, save time and improve test repeatability.’
  • ‘This is the rationale for double-blind studies in medical and psychological research and the overall call for repeatability of results.’