Meaning of repertory company in English:

repertory company


  • A theatrical company that performs plays from its repertoire for regular, short periods of time, moving on from one play to another.

    • ‘A life raft for dance talent in today's rough seas for arts funding is Washington, D.C.'s CityDance Ensemble, a repertory company run by techno-whiz Paul Gordon Emerson.’
    • ‘It was also to be a home base for expanding her current six-member ensemble into a larger repertory company to be called the Brooklyn Ballet.’
    • ‘I knew, at the very least, there would be experienced voices in that remote city, because it boasts the largest opera house in Russia with a repertory company attached to it.’
    • ‘We have Simon and Nick at the center of it but what was great about doing Shaun of the Dead is that we were able to bring new actors into our repertory company.’
    • ‘The theatre was to provide a restaurant, a bar, a coffee bar and a gallery as well as theatre-club facilities and an auditorium for just over 500 with good stage equipment, dressing rooms and workshops for the use of the repertory company.’
    • ‘Plucked from a small repertory company in Blackburn by director Alan Carver himself, Suzanne is surely taking a cab ride to stardom.’
    • ‘‘I did them (horror pictures) to finance my repertory company,’ he told me.’
    • ‘They work together harmoniously; they reflect the philosophy of their founder, and yet they are bringing their own individuality to this 32-year-old repertory company.’
    • ‘The appointment of Hernando Cortez as new artistic director of the Repertory Project signals a sea change for Cleveland's fourteen-year-old modern dance repertory company.’
    • ‘On leaving Oxford, Dickinson had become a director with Lena Ashwell's repertory company in Notting Hill.’
    • ‘As usual, King's repertory company of attractive non-entities doesn't lend much fire to the proceedings.’
    • ‘In place of repertory companies performing some fifty plays a year, the single production company became standard, with long runs in New York extended by tours on the new railroads.’
    • ‘Charles Laurence has clearly provided a play which repertory companies and amateurs will keep alive for many years.’
    • ‘My aspiration on coming out of drama school had been to work at the RSC, the National Theatre or with established repertory companies.’
    • ‘Lorca studied English at Columbia University where he came into contact with amateur theatre groups and professional repertory companies.’
    • ‘From the 1960s local repertory companies, from Dunedin's Globe to Auckland's Theatre Corporate, regularly performed Shakespeare.’
    • ‘There were repertory companies all over the country which allowed young actors to learn their craft, but that's all gone now.’
    • ‘The major repertory companies in Edinburgh, Glasgow and now Dundee are funded at the lowest level English regional theatre gets.’
    • ‘She won a place at drama school and there followed several happy years during which she divided her time between the repertory companies she worked for and the bases at which Mike was stationed.’
    • ‘The one final way that we get top actors in smaller roles seems to be that one or two directors have almost put together their own repertory companies.’