Meaning of repetitiously in English:



See repetitious

‘The credit statements, along with her collection of images, including abandoned shopping malls and university loan transcripts, paint a plain yet repetitiously eerie picture of consumerism.’
  • ‘Its editorial pages have expressed an over-the-top pre-emptive enthusiasm, arguing the case as repetitiously as the president and nearly as cockily as his chief advisor.’
  • ‘The story of business economics and philosophy needs to be told simply, understandably, repetitiously and without dilution or distortion - to broad masses of the people.’
  • ‘Thousands of workers were stationed along a conveyor-belt-driven assembly line, each repetitiously adding parts to Ford's Model T car.’
  • ‘That is precisely what the mental health profession repetitiously tells us, considering that an enormous amount of tax subsidies has a great deal of influence on this issue.’