Meaning of reply-paid in English:


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  • (of an envelope or card) having the postage for a reply prepaid.

    ‘When members advise DHA of their posting, the organisation will send them a letter with a tear-off card in a reply-paid envelope.’
    • ‘Under the scheme, every Rotherham elector would receive a ballot paper in the post with instructions on how to fill it in, and a reply-paid envelope addressed to the returning officer.’
    • ‘Please return this ballot paper in the reply-paid envelope to the address provided.’
    • ‘Please fill in the attached form and return it to us using the reply-paid envelope.’
    • ‘Why don't they provide reply-paid envelopes for sending bill payments?’
    • ‘There's a reply-paid card on the booklet - but with an insultingly minute space for comment.’
    • ‘Since he has generously provided a reply-paid envelope it seemed churlish not to complete it.’
    • ‘Jon Smith will send a question form and reply-paid envelope if you contact him.’
    • ‘When schools were agreeable, a recruitment package was sent directly to the parent or guardian, who returned the completed questionnaire and the consent form to the chief investigator in a reply-paid envelope.’
    • ‘The responses were returned directly to the researchers in a reply-paid envelope.’
    • ‘About two weeks before the May 1 elections, every voter will receive a ballot paper in the post, with instructions, and a reply-paid addressed envelope.’
    • ‘If the mailshot includes a reply-paid envelope, stuff the whole lot into it and send it back.’
    • ‘The franked envelopes contain a copy of a Labour election leaflet called The Rose, a form to register for postal votes and a reply-paid Labour freepost envelope.’
    • ‘About a month before the black wheelie bins are due to be delivered by the manufacturer, residents will receive a reply-paid postcard from the council to select the most appropriate size of bin for their household.’
    • ‘Customers can play a rented game for as long as they like, before returning it in a reply-paid mailer and receiving another game off their wish list.’