Meaning of reporting company in English:

reporting company


  • A company that issues publicly traded securities and is therefore subject to certain requirements about publicly reporting its earnings and other business information.

    ‘reporting companies must carefully evaluate disclosure rules against company operations’
    • ‘A recent survey of finance executives at more than 200 companies found that more than two-thirds of the respondents felt that the directive imposed an excessive burden on reporting companies.’
    • ‘Nearly two-thirds of reporting companies have beat expectations.’
    • ‘Aggregate assets of non-banking financial companies increased by 0.5 per cent over the preceding fiscal year despite a decline in the number of reporting companies to 981 from 1,005.’
    • ‘When the debate about identity theft focuses on the accessibility of records, it may downplay the effect of legislation making it difficult for consumers to sue creditors and reporting companies for bad information.’
    • ‘As long as the subsidiary remains a reporting company under the Exchange Act after the spinoff, the company does not need to register its stock with the Securities and Exchange Commission.’
    • ‘The restrictions are pretty severe: increase the number of shareholders a company may have before being required to register its common stock with the SEC and become a publicly reporting company.’
    • ‘Since the company has recently announced commitment to exhaust all efforts to once again become a reporting company, the company has been offered various additional funding options.’
    • ‘All reporting companies say the company's share is decreasing.’
    • ‘One survey shows that 56.7% of all reporting companies are beating their lowered earnings estimates and 56% are bettering their respective revenue expectations.’
    • ‘You will be provided with a comprehensive, yet practical, assessment of the main regulations required in producing a compliant reporting company.’