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Pronunciation /rɪˈpɒzɪt(ə)ri/

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nounplural noun repositories

  • 1A place where or receptacle in which things are or may be stored.

    ‘a deep repository for nuclear waste’
    • ‘Her next task was to find a museum repository for her late husband's private art collection, a visual document of his enthusiasms.’
    • ‘This exhibition features 22 major works acquired by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art directly from the artist in 1999, making the museum the largest repository of his works.’
    • ‘The idea was dropped in rehearsal - but I imagine that Stepanov notations of La Bayadere are still in the Harvard library, now the repository of all the Sergeyev manuscripts.’
    • ‘How this orientation necessarily conflicts with the basic mandate of the museum to be a repository for its permanent collections is the realization that haunts these writings.’
    • ‘Subsequently, the building was occupied by Communist authorities, used as a repository by Prague Museum and taken over by Marxist-Leninists.’
    • ‘Goeritz's museum was not a repository of objects, but a living entity in which every wall, window, hallway, and courtyard was used for various activities.’
    • ‘Work is about to begin on one of the most important sections in the library - a new repository for rare books and manuscripts.’
    • ‘More than just a repository for books, the Adam Library served as a store for Charles's collections of smaller antiquities, curiosities, natural history, geology and ethnography.’
    • ‘Though a tentative gesture, Rovine's inclusion of the ceramic piece seems subtly to suggest that museums with African art must not remain repositories for objects from ‘extinct’ societies.’
    • ‘Over the years, the Craig's bought 180 Hibel paintings and would later help found the Hibel Museum in Florida in 1977, a permanent repository for her art.’
    • ‘We believe that the gallery's main function should be as a repository of British art.’
    • ‘Philosopher Hilde Hein has described a quandary museums face in identifying their chief function: as repositories of valuable objects, or instead, as places to produce interesting experiences.’
    • ‘The history in question is Russian, and the ark is St. Petersburg's Hermitage Museum, one of the world's greatest repositories of European art and civilization.’
    • ‘Each of the 19 other repositories contains certain species of plants, while this one contains backup versions of them all and is the only one that stores animal germplasm.’
    • ‘But what does that mean for the actual history of film within the setting of the repositories of visual culture, the museums?’
    • ‘Hitherto, libraries have been seen as mainly repositories of books and papers.’
    • ‘I often say to students, the skip behind an art college is the repository of the ugliest objects on earth.’
    • ‘The Imprimerie Nationale, one of the greatest repositories of typographic material in the world, spans four centuries.’
    • ‘Soon after the liberation of the Philippines, American special agents began to discover a few of the hidden gold repositories.’
    receptacle, vessel, holder, repository, canister, drum, box, case
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    1. 1.1A place where something, especially a natural resource, is found in significant quantities.
      ‘accessible repositories of water’
      • ‘At particular risk are aquifers, underground repositories of water that are tapped by wells for agricultural irrigation and drinking water.’
    2. 1.2Computing A central location in which data is stored and managed.
      ‘the metadata will be aggregated in a repository’
      • ‘There is an internet repository for your courses, should people feel the need to download them.’
      • ‘Cache stores frequently used data in a repository close to the chip's execution units so that it can be processed faster than data stored in memory.’
      • ‘This has just underscored the fact that multi-gigabyte data repositories can't move around anywhere near as easily as their users can.’
      • ‘This repository allowed locally connected computers to retrieve updates significantly faster while offering greater package management.’
      • ‘Uptime is crucial when running any type of server whether it is a file repository, HTTP web server, or a simple SOHO server.’
      • ‘The goal is to provide authorized network users with transparent access to on-line information repositories.’
    3. 1.3A person or thing regarded as a store of information or in which a particular quality may be found.
      ‘his mind was a rich repository of the past’
      • ‘Forrest saw African American oral traditions as rich repositories of ritual and value, sources of meaning in the face of suffering and tragedy.’
      • ‘He's the repository of our common history, and by that right, grand patron of the Bicentennial.’
      • ‘Instead, we should see architectural residue from the past as a repository of vast physical, human, and cultural energy.’
      • ‘Other scholars of Philippine culture have also recognized the need to study songs and poetry as repositories of history.’
      • ‘Will books continue to be our main repository of culture and history, or will they vanish with developing technologies, replaced by virtual pages?’
      • ‘He closes with a disquisition on the meaning of Europe, examining the dark elements of racism and extreme nationalism but remaining optimistic and with a reflection on the EU which seems to be the repository of many of his hopes.’
      • ‘The electorate's hope that his Cabinet would prove a genuine repository of positive change was the one slim reed on which the Party's recent political legitimacy had rested.’
      • ‘Smiths comes to grips with the complicated issues of the South being the repository of the African American past.’
      • ‘Through the fate of the one truly literate character in the novel, Thady's son Jason, the novel implies that writing offers no safe repository of title.’
      • ‘To our immediate point, the city is America's apogee, nadir and living museum, a repository of art and entertainment for all brows: high, medium, low and no.’
      • ‘Despite this, we trust both media to be the repositories of our cultures, to store the minutiae, the details and experiences that define our milieu.’
      • ‘They argued that the royal privy council was the sole repository of good government.’
      • ‘As repositories of human feeling and professional intelligence, actors become crucial when a play's development is down to the short strokes.’
      • ‘The Internet has the potential to be the greatest library in the history of mankind - a repository of memory, thought, culture, and scholarship; a record of what it means to be human.’
      • ‘It is the repository of ‘reasons’ of which Owen speaks in the above quoted passage.’
      • ‘Bronze Head is a photographic repository of sensuality, and its symmetric composition, its square format, its perfect body, and its tantalizing play of tone invoke the desire and longing of artist and viewer alike.’
      • ‘Thus, the prudent practice, or praxis, of memory produced ethical behavior; by using the memory as an ethical repository and guide, an individual would be equipped to act prudently and ethically.’
      • ‘Benjamin wanted to draw attention to the vast repository of ‘involuntary memory’ hidden in the unconscious, rarely accessible and often traumatic in nature.’
      • ‘The ocean has long been our repository for ideas of the monstrous and the unknowable.’
      • ‘Blake saw the artist as a repository of the ‘prophetic genius’ which gave access to truth.’
      store, storing place, storehouse, depository
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Late 15th century from Old French repositoire or Latin repositorium, from reposit- ‘placed back’, from the verb reponere (see repose).