Significado de repost en en Inglés


Pronunciación /riːˈpəʊst/ /ˈriːpəʊst/


[con objeto]
  • 1Post (a letter or parcel) for a second or further time.

    ‘the letter had been sent to California and then reposted from there’
    • ‘There were four letters in the box, none of which was addressed to us. Three I re-delivered, the other I re-posted.’
    • ‘Since the two owners were not on speaking terms they would simply repost any wrongly-delivered mail in the pillar box half way down the hill.’
    • ‘I reposted the letters and he got them just fine the second time I mailed them.’
    • ‘They have refunded my shipping costs and I reposted the parcel almost 2 weeks ago, but still it does not seem to have arrived.’
    • ‘I need a volunteer to receive and repost the package to Canada.’
  • 2Post (a piece of writing, image, or other item of content) online for a second or further time.

    ‘he left a comment on the thread which I think deserves more attention so I'm reposting it this morning’
    • ‘You may add this article to your website or repost it elsewhere but only in its entirety.’
    • ‘The source code for Gaobot is in the public domain and has been modified and reposted by ‘thousands worldwide’.’
    • ‘Since the questions were similar in nature - and because disk imaging is such an essential topic - I have decided to repost an article which illustrates the basics of disk imaging versus ‘regular file backup’.’
    • ‘We only reposted the article yesterday.’
    • ‘There are lots of sites that repost content from here.’
    • ‘I wrote the following elsewhere and am reposting it by request (edited only for apostrophes).’
    • ‘This is I think the 4th time I've reposted this story?’
    • ‘I might just repost all of this to see if I get reviews.’
    • ‘If I get any interesting stories and permission to repost said, I'll link to them in this thread.’
    • ‘One of the messages was later reposted on Facebook.’
    • ‘I'll be happy to repost these questions in the appropriate areas.’
    • ‘The picture has also attracted the attention of a number of news outlets, and has been shared and reposted countless times on Twitter and Facebook.’
    • ‘In an ideal Internet world, great content is rewarded for being shared, reposted, viewed elsewhere and yes, even "liked."’
    • ‘The postings on Facebook were ill-advised and to the best of our knowledge have all been removed - it is only others who are reposting these images.’
    • ‘But since I'm so late to the discusssion, I am reposting my disagreement here.’
    • ‘I'm reposting the recipe today because I have made some adjustments to the original ingredients.’
    • ‘The news story was reposted with substantially different content.’
    • ‘Luckily, nothing is lost on the Internet, so you can check out the reposted video right below.’
    • ‘The full response is too long to repost, but you'll get the gist of it here.’
    • ‘This piece was reposted from by permission of the authors.’
    • ‘I'll repost my comments here for readers of this blog.’


  • A piece of writing, image, or other item of content that has been posted online for a second or further time.

    ‘I know it's a repost but this article is a must-read’
    • ‘I didn't get many reviews before, so that's the reason for the repost.’
    • ‘Gage's repost can be attacked on two major grounds.’
    • ‘Sorry if this is a repost, my browser here at work is struggling to deal with the load of comments.’
    • ‘I am unclear if this is advertising or just a repost of a press release.’
    • ‘This is a repost of a National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) news release.’
    • ‘The Solar Energy Industries Association's statement seemed like it was especially useful and worth a quick repost here.’
    • ‘This is a repost from one of our new favorite blogs.’
    • ‘Ok, so this is a repost from a thread the other day.’
    • ‘It's just a repost of NME's article.’
    • ‘The social media streams were flooded with reports and reposts.’
    • ‘I'm starting to find all these reposts frustrating.’
    • ‘Do a lot of articles on this site tend to be reposts?’
    • ‘It is so rare in this age of reposts and blog recycling to come upon something truly new and so helpfully detailed in its description.’
    • ‘I think one annoying thing about reposts is, that you try to remember where you have seen something similar before and then finally realize: its a repost.’