Meaning of representability in English:


Pronunciation /rɛprɪzɛntəˈbɪlɪti/


See represent

‘In his dissertation, Riemann studied the representability of functions by trigonometric series and gave the conditions for a function to have an integral (what we now call ‘Riemann integrability’).’
  • ‘In 1829, Dirichlet deduced the representability by Fourier series of a class of functions defined by concepts.’
  • ‘This is not a simple performative, but one which operates through exclusionary operations that come back to haunt the very claim of representability that it seeks to make.’
  • ‘To conclude, this is a film that problematizes woman's representability, both her representability as image and her status as narrator and as subject.’
  • ‘In Bakhtin's later writings the chronotope is the grounds for representability.’