Meaning of representationalism in English:


Pronunciation /ˌrɛprɪzɛnˈteɪʃ(ə)n(ə)lɪz(ə)m/


mass noun
  • 1The practice or advocacy of representational art.

    ‘George Maciunas has emphasized the importance of their work, expounding a theory against representationalism in art, semiotics, illusionism, and abstraction.’
    • ‘The earliest representation of the Buddha in the exhibition is a breathtakingly beautiful import from Gandhara with its echo of Hellenistic representationalism.’
    • ‘As an artist who gained prominence in the turbulent and exciting 1960s, he was instrumental in the transition from abstract expressionism toward a return to the object and representationalism.’
    • ‘The role of Abstract Expressionism, whose characteristic feature was the lack of representationalism, is the focus of this well-illustrated and well-documented video.’
    • ‘Like Sigmar Polke, he shifts gears between a tonal representationalism that is somewhat photographic and layered drawing, and then pulls away, leaving a gestural abstraction on top.’
    • ‘And that is what is accomplished by the specifically representationalist part of strong representationalism does, not by the functionalist part.’
    • ‘The exhibition notes tell us that he exploited the tension between abstract patterns and representationalism.’
    • ‘This expressivity, in our view, is the critical element for the construction of a politics of dispute that is not bound to modes of representationalism and the socio-cultural momentum that permits, even delights in, the horrors of war.’
    • ‘Can it change its aesthetic, yielding the standard of visual realism to photography, which already occupies the high ground of respectable representationalism in many western museums?’
    • ‘Their work led him to conclude that both analytic philosophy and the linguistic turn were nothing more than the ‘last refuge’ of representationalism.’
    • ‘Representationalism has its limits.’
    • ‘The second reason why pragmatists have dismissed representationalism has to do with concerns in the theory of knowledge.’
    • ‘Outside representationalism, what we are dealing with could not be culture as such.’
    • ‘Here, representationalism borders on musical Impressionism, a concept Wagner discussed with Auguste Renoir.’
  • 2Philosophy

    another term for representationism

    ‘In ‘Bergson's Conception of Difference,’ Deleuze unfolds Bergson's potential as a critic of representationalism, reconcilable with Nietzsche and as an alternative to Heidegger.’
    • ‘As emphasized above, Berkeley's campaign against matter, as he presents it in the Principles, is directed against materialist representationalism and presupposes representationalism.’
    • ‘It combines elements of both representationalism and higher-order theory but does so in a way that varies interestingly from the more standard versions of either.’
    • ‘Tye has recently advanced a theory of the first sort; this is what I call his representationalism.’
    • ‘The subject of representationalism therefore comes to appear as naturally given, just as, in this view, technology is also a given.’